In a Hurry to get something?

Do you ever find yourself in a hurry to get something or get somewhere? Do you find yourself asking God  for the same exact thing over and over? Do you fast and pray to him for just what you want?

Anyone that believes in God has done a few of the things I have mentioned  above. I am equally guilty. I wasn’t going to blog today, it has been a good day I went to Tesco  this morning, then came back and ran a mile in Hyde Park.

I have been disturbing  God about money to start the school, and sometimes I think I am a bit too obsessed with it. Fine he is the one that gave me the vision and I need to learn to trust that he will make the provision. He made the provision for me to acquire 80% of my furniture  and equipment already. I have two other  things I am trusting him for and I believe 2015 he will do it.

The reason why I blogged today, I realised I hadn’t  read my bible verse for today. It ended up being


Sometimes all we need is that reminder.
I am so happy today, someone brought kenkey(sp) from Nigeria so I am gonna eat some. There is a lot of food in the house, but I am watching my portions. My current weight  is too much for my knees when I run. I am going to get my husband to sign up for a race with me next year. Maybe the Ghanian race around September.

And my husband gave me access to his Amazon prime account,  no I haven’t ordered  anything and I don’t plan to. Lol. The old me would have found something to buy. I have access to a whole lot of TV.  I am catching  up on weeds, I stopped on season 3, years ago. Also going to watch scandal in a bit.

PS let’s remember  to a certain extent we are the guardians of our lives. I think I deserve  happiness and peace. So I am taking mine and keeping it for myself.  You?



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  1. I am currently in a situation where I think am tired of praying or even asking God for anything even though I need change desperately. I just hope my sanity will still be intact by the time the change I need comes, am crying again…


  2. This passage sure touched me… I have fought battles mostly on my knees but what I experienced in the beginning of this month left me emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I took to my knees and prayed,cried and screamed to God that this was not what I asked for,but guess what? A friend told me to stop crying and praying but start praising God that when you don’t find answers after praying,you should start praising, and that’s exactly what I did. Today,that battle is history because I won it. When God seems he’s coming too late,He is coming in a biggggg way. @Christabel don’t ever doubt God,when you are tired of praying,start praising Him, There’s light at the end of the tunnel *hugs*


  3. Ah, I’ve asked God and waited on him for several things, sometimes I even cry and feel he has forgotten me. But recently he has been sending me scriptures to assure me of his plans for me.
    @christabel just hang in there and try to control the tears always remember that his plans for you are for good. Hey you’re still alive so I believe everything will work out fine for you. Just continue to trust him.
    @misspynk I also be believe I deserve happiness and I have made up my mind to be happy each day with God’s help.


  4. While in the shower today,I remembered my bro who just got out of prison a year ago & another who died exactly 2 wks ago,remembered my mum’s endless love for God,remembered some pastor’s & great men/women of God who pass thru same & concluded in my heart there’s a reason for all & not have doubts my family is/was forsaken.made a promise I hope to keep to be closer to God today & not get lazy at my devotions anymore


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