Are you happy?

Yes you, i am talking to you. This came to me yesterday. If you would rate your happiness  on a scale what would it be? I would give myself an 8 out of 10. I am working on getting to a 10, somehow.

I found this on the internet “True, sustainable happiness comes from within — by cultivating a mindset based on gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance.”

I was reading Thelma’s  blog and something about older wealthy men marrying younger women. Women spending the money and living the life. Someone alluded that people  who talk about those women are in essence jealous. Now that said what’s your take? When I say older I mean 15 years or more. Ladies would you excited to marry a man who is say 20 years older than you and have all the luxury in the world?

I can only speak for myself. Nothing is wrong in finding love, however I would rather it was with someone close to me in age. I have dated older -10 years in the past, and sometimes I felt like an ornament or underachiever. Don’t get me wrong I married well in terms of family orientation, education and ambition. My husband is a very hard worker.  We don’t have banana  island money, but we are happy. Some days I am broke I must admit, however more so than anything else we are generally happy.
So please share your thoughts. What is important to you in a marriage situation? For me we don’t have everything, we also don’t need everything – so it’s all relative.

On another note, I found my way to primark after mass. I remembered  what I wanted and ended up buying more than I went in for. They had some awesome frozen sweatpants. Lol. The place was a madhouse though, I see why people steal so much from them. Their stuff is the cheapest in London so no point in security tagging them.

Missing the hubstar, he “stepped” out of town for a quick minute for work. One of us has to work and bring in the bacon.

Have a fulfilling  week ahead.



8 Comments on Are you happy?

  1. On happiness, I’ll say I’m somewhere below 5.

    On marriage, I’ll choose fidelity, understanding, tolerance and empathy.
    He has to be hardworking, prudent and humble. My hubby is older with 6years. We can relate on so many things. The difference isn’t much.


  2. For happiness I’ll say 5 out of 10. One minute I’m happy the next I’m sad and feel like crying.

    In marriage I’ll prefer someone a little older, someone I connect with.


  3. On the scale of happiness I choose 7 out of 10,so much love from family and you feel light hearted. And on the issue of getting married to older men,that’s just not for me,what are we going to talk about? Are we going to come to an agreement on certain issues? Can we have time to goof around without him thinking we are just being silly? I don’t think I can trade all the things I love doing for money. Money is very essential,true! But sanity is most important when you are dealing with life issues. Marriage is no child’s play.


  4. Happines is say 7. Not married yet but I wud prefer someone close to my age, God fearing, hardworking, independent


  5. On happiness its a five, marriage is not just my thing, I dnt see myself getting married in the nearest future.


  6. On happiness,I’d say below 5 but aiming higher:-)
    I once fell in love with a man 25yrs older,he’s divorced with 4 older kids.we chatted & talked like kids,we had dates & dined like teenagers,we joked at each other like best friends & he felt like my age mate in everything but I had to bring myself back to reality he wasn’t what I wanted when he started talking about possible proposal & just needed a company at tgat wasn’t about the money which I never asked or collected.highest I made him do was pay for the cab fares but it was an interesting 1 year so yeah I can marry an interesting older man but 10 years max so I don’t be his carer in old
    Like u being real with the primark shopping,so many people that don’t have hope for a visa sef act immune to primark these days


  7. I would say a 6. I feel like this year i could improve it to 8 or 9.

    I’m willing to go up to 7 years older. I want to feel like im with someone of the same generation.


  8. I’d say I’m an 8 on the happiness scale. And no I would never date an older man. Almost everyone I’ve ever dated has been younger than me e.g. 27 to 22, 26 to 24, and now a few months younger. The funny thing is that I don’t do it on purpose! I’ve only ever dated one “older” man and he was just 6months older. My sister really loves older men though. It must be a personality thing…


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