Happy Boxing day

I reckon everyone has opened their gifts already since yesterday.  Does anyone wait till boxing day anymore? Ps: if you think you didn’t get a physical  gift, for you to be reading this, you woke up right? Now that’s a gift, may the rest of 2014 and beyond be big massive gifts in your life.
I sent out the credit to the winners. Please just acknowledge  receipt so I know it didn’t go to spam.

I was pleasantly  surprised  yesterday.  Le hubstar bought me gifts. Not one but two. I got an S5- for which I am beyond grateful and my favourite  perfume. I don’t think I even buy myself perfume anymore. My old phone looked like a prostitute that has been afflicted with numerous things. It was cracked – fell massively when I was offloading furniture  for the school.


I married him already, but marry me is still my favourite by Lanvin – I have been on the matter for 5 years now lol.  I wore marry me for our formal aka white wedding


Christmas was quiet and peaceful all things considered.

Coming  to think of it, we never got Christmas  gifts as kids. We always had the tree set up, complete with fake snow and candy canes. I doubt it was because  my parents couldn’t afford it. I just think they didn’t see the point. My mom  would however willing wrap an old toy for you if you insisted on having a gift. And she would put it under the tree. It used to drive her crazy that we ate all the candy cane off the tree, and so she would replace them every 2 days. That’s a whole lot of candy cane considering our tree got set up the first week in December.  Lol.

Christmas  was for staying home and watching “Jesus” movies. Eat some curry “anything”, drink some lemonade and watch movies. Growing up in my house, you figured out how to make lemonade by the time you were 3 and curry by about 5. You see my mom is originally  from the carribean islands and she can get really cheap for no reason. Coke never lasted in our  house and we had a lemon tree in the back. So pluck your lemon, roll it underfoot on the ground to soften it well, squeeze in one of those plastic squeezers,  add sugar, water and a little red coloring voila you are good. Put it in the freezer  and hope nobody “borrows” it. Lmao.

It’s amazing how I look back on my childhood and realise we didn’t have everything, but we didn’t know we didn’t have everything. So it was okay.  We watched all the pre-recorded thunder cats, shared one computer to play prince of persia and apples/oranges. Maybe that’s where the sense of contentment comes in.

I think I will tell my kids when I have them that Santa will bring them gifts based on how much they have saved and how good they have been. I get upset when I see children who assume they deserve the world, but then who is to blame?

Anyways I hope everyone  is having a fantastic holiday and getting in some rest. What was your most memorable Christmas  and why?



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  1. I just got my credit. Thank you very very much you just made my day. Ukejel


  2. Still waiting for my gift from santa… He’s running late,I guess its because have not see him,lol. Thank you so much Pynk I got the gift. Enjoy your Holiday.


  3. Thanx a lot. Got a wonderful gift this morning from ya. #dancing# your mom reminds me of my mom, lolz. Used to see her as stingy n wicked but now am glad cos she taught us how to be content with whatever we have


  4. Yay. I just got my credit. My first Christmas gift. Thank you so much. And you’ve really touched my life in many aspects dis past weeks. One day hopefully I’ll share how with you.


  5. I’m not sure I have a memorable Christmas yet. Like Kiki, Santa is late. I haven’t received any. I gave out Christmas gifts early. I didn’t get my children anything. I got them lunch bags for next term. But that’s not their Xmas gifts. Maybe before the season ends, I will. I’m hoping for a miracle. I’m hoping I ‘catch’ spirit of Christmas. After all, ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Tra La La La la, la la la la.


  6. This my xmas,i am nt feeling it at all…but I thank God for evrything.


  7. I’ve opened only the one from my friend who is visiting. It was a very beautiful, chocolate-filled ginger bread house that I’m using to decorate my flat (can’t bear to eat it!). Also got one from my mother-in-law last weekend, and the boyfriend is coming tmrw, surely with pressies. I’ll be taking them all home to England with me, and opening them on the 1st with all my other presents that are still waiting for me under the tree at my parent’s house…4th year in a row of spending Xmas away from home. The main disadvantage and only thing I hate about being a nurse!


  8. Thank you so much Pynk, I got the credit and I really appreciate it. I also got a pair of beautiful shoes for christmas from someone I least expected it from. By this time next year, I would have my mega good job and I will give out gifts to loved ones. Happy holidays people 😀


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