Oh Wee

Hiiiiiiiiya! Today is a good day, an awesome day. I hope your day is as promising as mine?
So let me play back the good news- my mom has gotten her admission to do her second masters at Unilag.  She finished the first one about a year ago and i am totally proud of her. She had started her first masters in NY  but dropped out when she had my brother in 1990. She says she wants a Phd, so we are rooting for her. All the way.

Date night was fantastic,  we went to Odeon’s at whitely’s – the movie lounge thingamajig.  Just put lightly,  it was my most awesome movie experience. We saw the last part of the Hobbit movie. The whole date was a suprise and i was totally surprised and pleasantly so. The movie had some “action jackson” type film tricks sha.
I tried something with my hair, the “koroba” style two strand twist. See picture.


Date night behavior…


This morning i went running for 30 minutes. I feel a lot better, the best i have felt in a long time.

Going to spend the rest of the day relaxing and just being. I didnt get what i thought i would, so let me do it this way.

Quote of the year – “A ram is a female goat”- my husband.

Its a Christmas giveaway totalling n10k, each winner gets n2k in airtime. Please post your email address and network of choice. The winners will be sent their credit  on boxing day – Dec 26th. The n2k may just come in handy after you do all the Christmas calling, or better yet you can regift the airtime to someone you know who needs it.



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  1. Good to know you’re happy. Thank God for that. Congratulations to your mum. And your one in a million hair-do is nice, 🙂

    Oyenne9@gmail.com / Mtn. Thank you!


  2. Your mum is going back to school??? And here I am being angry because I can’t have Christmas holiday,exam ish… I like African hairstyles. Happy moods lifts the soul,keep enjoying yourself. Kitanolaitan6@gmail.com


  3. Mtn,thank you 🙂


  4. Wow, congrats to your mum furthering her education. I was feeling a bit down that I hadn’t done my masters at almost 25yrs. Your mum’s story has just given me peace concerning it. Thanks a lot.

    dupsysowunmi@yahoo.com Etisalat.


  5. Compliments dear. My email address is ukejechioma@yahoo.com and my network is etisalat. Thanks 😀


  6. Hi first time commenter. Ukejel@yahoo.com.MTN. Thank you God bless you.


  7. Congrats to your mum, Hmmm, I wish her the best, all this Naija schools and their wahala with no regards for elderly folks.

    Your mum has just inspired me to pick up my PMP books and start reading away.

    That’s my first goal for 2015, well probably 2nd, after I give birth.
    Happy Holidays Darling.

    Your Hubsters quote is EPIC


  8. Nice blog. Saw ur comment on single in gidi today n followed u here. gbengaikuseedun@gmail.com mtn or glo


  9. I hope I still have a chance at d giveaways..lol.chikadim14@gmail.com


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