All I Want for Christmas…

Its almost christmas, bizzarely enough i dont want anything material for Christmas.  I feel beyond blessed, i had two breakthroughs yesterday.  Both concerned my hubstar.  I had been extremely worried about his silence since we lost his brother, and i have been offering to go back to work as i dont like being dependent on others for money.
I am grateful and beyond blessed,  as both things i committed to God have been revealed. Feeling a bit under the weather, but plan on going running today hopefully. I got a nice gift yesterday for which i am extremely grateful.
My good deed for today is giving my house keeper in Lagos a Christmas bonus. I am planning something for this blog, hopefully by the 23rd i can get it together.
All i can say is God is faithful, he doesnt give us what we cant cope with. I am enjoying the peace that London is providing. Its good family time. My husband’s mom is awesome, God bless the day i married into this family of genuine human beings.

Have a fulfilling week ahead. God bless you and yours for Christmas.

Hopefully by next Christmas the school is up and i am earning well and can do a few things for people and also a memorial for my late brother in law.



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  1. Good to hear about your hubby. And his mum? Oh! To lose a child, so not a good thing. Yesterday made it 2 years that my sister died, and it happened in my mum’s arms. I can just imagine how your mum-in-love is coping….

    God will always be faithful. I thank God for you and yours. May God put unspeakable joy in your hearts this season and give you countless reasons to rejoice in the new year.


  2. When we are eternally grateful for the things we have then God blesses us more with the ones we seek.


  3. May he grant the desires of our heart. Compliments of the season everyone. 🙂


  4. Merry Christmas. Wishing you all the beautiful things life has to offer


  5. Givers never lack.

    Those who appreciate a little are always blessed with a lot.

    Merry Christmas to you……..So rooting for the school to be up and running 🙂


  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May 2015 bring even better things than 2014.


  7. Lolz@ genuine human beings. Compliments of the season


  8. I am glad to be back here,your posts are soo real and I can easily relate to them.sorry about your loss…


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