Postaxial Polydactyly

Be not afraid, its just the bigs words they put together for the extra digit business. It means the extra digit is by the little finger side of the hand.  So my husband has been going on about how folks with polydactyl (hands) like money and those with 11 or more toes are wanderers.  I dont know where he got them from…but i have since been googgling. I saw something about supernatural powers – thats the belief in Hungary, but i dont have any supernatural powers that i am aware of with my 11 fingers. I know its a genetic mutation. Then again my own issues may be more than genetic. You see my mother actually delivered a placenta instead of a baby when she was pushing so i was delivered by emergency C section, i was blue already and they had to revive me. I told you; people like me we come into the world reckless and live very long lives. You know like alcoholics who live to be 99, they should have died, but they stay strong. Lol.
Anyways the doctor who delivered two of my nephews in NY was the attending nurse at my own delivery. Everytime i see him he still rubs my head affectionately and reminds me that i was his one of his most scary deliveries as a nurse. Lol. Kind of cool that he went on to medical school after nursing, shout out to Dr. Osho, the Nigerian – Hawaiian scrub & Air Jordan wearing Doctor.
My nephew Alex is 2 days old and holding his own bottle.


Below with his Big brother


Went on oxford street yesterday ended up buying an offwhite Jacket from Primani (primark). I needed some color in my life. I completed my excercise for the day. Also got my fleece to run in hyde park as i had packed all my running gear from Lagos already.  Walked to and fro paddington station.
Hubstar arrived yesterday, lets just say i hate small beds and i am wondering why i am feeling sick this morning. Oh someone opened all the windows because they like cold air. I am just going to roam around the house coughing,  no need to start a fight, that should get the message across.

Lets see what London delivers today.


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  1. Supernatural powers?wish I had one,at least I will taunt those people that annoys me. I was born at 7months (premmie) my parents said I was so small that my dad was scared of carrying me lol. Although I was not incubated,I was very strong *smile* and still strong now. Your nephew is so cute.


  2. I may not have eleven or twelve fingers/ toes, but I’m sure I’m special. 😉

    Your nephews are cute. And the little one is such a responsible fellow, handling his own feeding at this age…lol.

    Thank God your hubby arrived safely. Have the best Christmas ever and remember not to fall off the bed….


  3. 2 days old and already taking charge. That’s what I call “the Boss”.

    Can’t wait to off load my own baby too.

    Have aa wonder xmas. Happy holidays dear.


  4. Cute nephews, and d younger is def a boss. Feeding himself with swag


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