I am on a diet

So you see, i have been on a diet by mouth only since the beginning of December and it hasnt been working obvioulsy. Now i think i said it prior that i used to run at least one race a year. I dont know what happened to me in the last 3 or 4 months. No its not marriage, my husband and i met in the gym and we were both gym rats. In the spirit of TBT, this was right before i ran the 2009 MSF (doctors without borders) vertical marathon dubai. I trained hard for this race, the race was up a 52 storey building. So 5 days a week i ran up 43 floors 3x each morning and took the elevator back down. Lol. This race was memorable, i finished in 8 minutes 50 seconds, the lady who won finished in 7 minutes 53 seconds and had a 3 month old baby. Go Figure

I still have those shorts and they fit like muscle shorts. Absolutely not a good look right now. i plan to run in hyde park when hubby gets here, but i need thermals first.
I miss a part of my old life, where my passport had stamps on every page and i had 2 sets of extra pages. I really wanted to be a cultural anthropologist at some point, but i was convinced by the forces that be, that i would die a miserable death in penury. So instead i tied my shoe straps tighter and got a Bsc in applied math and statistics and minored in cultural anthropology. And then 2 masters degrees, one was out of boredom working the war.

The roaming feel is starting to come back, thats the one thing i miss about being single. I cant make those decisions alone, and my husband is paranoid about 3rd world countries. Lol.
I want to run the 10km or half marathon race in Cambodia – its a run through the Angkhor Wat buddhist temple in phnom penh. Its just one of those races i feel will be amazing. I am drawn to the beauty of temples and the calming nature of meditation. In my past life i was Asian, very bizzare. For me thats an awesome holiday. The next race is in August, i think i need fasting and prayer at this point because Phillipines and Cambodia are high on my list. I also wouldnt mind sneaking off to India with my half Indian sister in law.
I had a thought today, i need to see where the eurostar rail goes, i might sneak off on a day trip without telling anyone, Lol, When the hubby is back in lagos for a few days. I am itching to travel real bad. Some pictures from the past….

Pattaya, Thailand -2006

Nassau, Bahamas 2007

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia -2008

Outskirts of Muscat, Oman 2009

I also traveled alone a lot of the time. I was almost kidnapped once in Bangkok, well they were trying to over inflate a bill by 300% and i said no. Got arrested in Malaysia, case of mass sweep at a restaurant. I might be inclined to tell those stories one of these days. I think i will settle for roaming around oxford circus today or edgeware road for a few hours.

Still trying to think of a decent giveaway. I dont want it to always be something monetary but i am away so it kinda sucks if its not something like airtime or online shopping credit.



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  1. U’ve got so much experience. Please are u a medical or paramedical personnel


  2. Hello travel junkie. You know you can convert your husby right. lol

    I’ve convinced the boo to join my quest to see the world. at least 1 new country every yr. 1st 2 years, he sent me off with my girls, this year he joined me. someone say progress…yipppeee!

    I have told him few things fase me in life. to get an excited scream out of me, a ticket has to be involved. Already planning for next year. Thailand seems to be calling my name. Let my garri drinking and indomie chopping begin 🙂


  3. Lol @ muscle shorts.. I need to go on a diet and exercise too especially during this holidays so I can still fit in my size 8 dresses (which are fast becoming tight) in 2015! #so.help.me.God


  4. P.s- Enjoy your vacation and compliments of the season again!

    And in our own style.. I wish you and all my fellow readers a very merry Christmas and a more prosperous New Year-2015.. May the reason for the season fill our hearts with so much joy that would keep us in continuous awe of Him.amen.


  5. Adventure……. that’s another part of you that I’m getting to know. Beautiful pictures. Pls, stop dieting by mouth, you need to be in shape for the race. I’m routing for you from here.


  6. Started my low carb diet a month ago but the fact that I have stopped exercising is really killing the effort ): need to motivate myself and start again…. Don’t worry you just need self motivation to get back in the game.


  7. Wow, you have travelled quite a lot! I used to do a lot of travelling to far-flung corners too, until my relationship became long distance…now the only travelling I do regularly is between both our cities, my friends/parents and his family. Still 5 different countries so I shouldn’t complain, but it’s all western Europe so….

    Btw let me know, should you find yourself at the Belgian end of the Eurostar. We can have some world famous Belgian hot chocolate 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!


  8. Hahah… I’ve found myself wanderlusting a lot lately too. I’ll be in London next week and I’m toying with the idea of taking the Eurostar to Paris and spending a night or two. Zero understanding of the french language and me travelling solo are deterrents, though.


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