Baby Baby Baby Baby

How many songs do you know that have baby in them? Lol. It was Ashanti’s song that came to my mind for the topic. If you dont know who she is, please “goggle” her.
I got to London in one piece. Barotrauma kicked my butt the last 30 minutes of the flight. It was a pain of 9 on a scale of 10. All the stress combined with a slight cold. I think it also affected my brain because i was very emotional and loving my husband more. Good thing he gets here tomorrow.  Staying with his family, they had kfc waiting for me.
I also had a slight lapse in judgement i took heathrow express for £21 instead of heathrow connect for £7.difference is maybe 20 minutes extra, it wasnt like i was in a hurry to go somewhere.
London isnt too cold about 40F.
My youngest brother had his second child in NY, i am an aunty to 4 nephews on my own side now. And true to form, the child has 12 fingers. My grandpa had 12 fingers and toes, no one got the toes, but a few have extra digits. I have 11 fingers. My 11th finger is a stump. For new babies now in America, they surgically remove them, so there is no sign they existed. So below are pictures of my nephew Alexander Okikiola –



My Cousin Ola Jr also turned 18 on the 16th of December.
I also have an 8 year old nephew named Alex from my husband’s side. Lol.
When i have kids,  certain names are off the list – Michael, Joseph, Alexander,  Jayne, Pamela, Tokunbo, Emmanuel. These are names that have been abused by both my family and my husband’s family.
I cant wait to see baby Alex in January. Something to look forward to. Awesome sauce.


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  1. Wow! I’ve never seen six fingers before. Amazing.

    Happy Birthday to your cousin.

    Sorry about the barotrauma. I hope you’re much better now.

    Enjoy yourself. Happy holidays! 🙂


  2. Now I officially wanna start having kids lol, just love babies and I get emotional anytime I see one…. Congrats on the new addition to your family.


  3. Congratulations!!!


  4. Please permit me to say am in love with u and ur blog and this is the only blog I comment on… I love babies, hope to be a midwife someday so I can see and touch so many babies..


  5. It’s good to know you got to London safely, would be nice to meet up with you. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew.


  6. “goggle” really pisses me off when people say it. How hard can it be to say google? Rme…congrats on your nephew. Sorry about the barotrauma, sure you’re much better now. Cheers


  7. Congratulations…..Aunty pynk.

    Never seen 6 fingers before. Blood truly is thick (aspa fingers being hereditary).

    Hopefully you guys get to enjoy some family time and get some rest away from the naija madness


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