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Well thank God for a new day. Dee i mistakenly deleted your comment on the last post. Please repost your email address again.
So this morning i have a london flight to catch. UK border patrol makes me tired, even the thought of them makes me tired, in that they ask you a million and one questions. Like no i am not coming to die in the UK, i have a passport from the land of plenty and the land of supersize me, so no i am not coming to london to die there.  Hell the prices are a put off for me. I only go there because its my hubby’s out of nigeria zones and we dont have to pay for accomodation. I really don’t care much for the place when better options like NY exist. Sue me but at least when i get to JFK, they tell me welcome without harassment. More so in many other non-visa countries for US citizens they are friendly. The UK border patrol act like oh no we doing you a favor. Please why am i visa free for 90 days and you still want to harass me?
I remember when my husband suggested the kids be born in the UK, i told him point blank my children wont be auditioning for citizenship in the UK, i would rather have them in Lagos and file their paper work for the stars and stripes abeg, only thing they cant be president.
So i packed a 27kg suitcase, i am gone for about 2 months. A month first in the uk, and there aint no way i am paying £20 for stuff that costs $10 in America. Its really not possible. The only thing i am willing to pay for at ths point is food and grudgingly transport. I cant justify London prices i really cant. Whatever it is can wait till January.  My shampoo, conditioner, etc are well packed.  So are my toiletries for two months.

This is the struggle tree the decorator managed to put up at MMA. I mean come on. Why are Nigerians so greedy and tactless? It would have been even better to put a stack of boxes with green and red wrapping paper up as decor.

And Nigerian officials need to stop begging, its disgusting and irritating.

I pray my barotrauma doesnt act up on this flight. I used to love travelling, i am not quite sure what happened to me. NESTR


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  1. I wish you a safe trip without barotrauma. Enjoy thyself. I hope your hubby isn’t spending Christmas alone?

    That tree is pathetic. Smh….

    My ever prudent Miss Pynk 🙂


  2. A safe trip to you pinky, enjoy yourself…


  3. What kind of tree is that for heavens sake! Its not a must to decorate with a tree o. Safe trip pinky.


  4. Safe trip pynk and plssss don’t let them spoil your mood,just act like they don’t exist. Enjoy your hols.


  5. Have a safe trip and abeg try and enjoy London small. That tree sha…smh


  6. Boohoo to JFK. After the harrassment I received on my flight back in Oct (with my blue in hand), JFK offiially sucks ass.

    Please what’s the difference between NYC and Jand? Same overpopulated, rowdy, unfriendly, no space for anything big locations. The only 1 up NYC has is pricing.

    Beggy beggy naija officials are truly disgusting. People need to take pride in having an honest job. if you treat your work with pride, you’ll stand out, and won’t have to beg. Favor will just be knocking at your door.


  7. I got the same awful treatment when I visited the US a few years ago, even though we’re visa-free (UK). They almost didn’t let me in because I couldn’t remember my aunty’s address and they wouldn’t let me use my phone to call her eaiser (even though she was already waiting to pick me up!). Luckily for my German co-passenger whispered some address to me (thank God I had been friendly and chatted to him throughout the flight!)…So maybe it’s a tit for tat thing? Who knows?

    And I hate the bribery that goes on at MMA. They once asked me, and before I could respond one official told the other in yoruba to “let this ajebutter go o, because she looks like she doesn’t even understand anything”. I didn’t even bother telling them I understood thier conversation, just picked up my stuff and sashayed away 😉

    Sorry for the epistle.

    Merry Xmas !


  8. Aww enjoy your 2 month holiday. I am so used to Uk border control but they really are unfriendly. Same way I’m used to naija beggie beggie officials, just give em a fake smile n carry on. Enjoy your rest away from Lagos stress.


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