Selfish Thoughts

We are often selfish in our actions in out decisions etc. I think i might be going through a phase right now, i feel the world is against me, even my husband on some days, so i just ignore him.
Speaking of husbands, my husband somehow thinks he has a monopoly on anger/ malice keeping which i tell you, i thank God I found the word of God when i did. Because some things i just want to say to him i walk away and i tell you sometimes silence keeps a relationship.  My husband by all standards is a responsible man, but like me he has his shortcomings,  which i have chosen to ignore for the better part. That said, sometimes he makes decisions by himself and that irritates the daylights out of me. This post wasnt supposed to be about him. So moving on.
I still haven’t picked a winner for the n5k shop, somehow i am just lazy about picking a winner and sending thr emails etc.  Its just ridiculous.
She is leaving me. My friend of many many years is moving away from Nigeria. For selfish reasons i want to cry. Who am i going to call up and drive to their place when i am feeling blue?  Who isnt going to think i am crazy with my overambitious self? Who is going to think i am awesome even when i admit i have no clue what i am doing? Who is going to think i am cool? Who can i share my fears with that wont judge me? Who? I know 20 friends cannot play together for 20 years and there’s whatsapp and skype. But she is my friend who tells me she loves me when she gets off the phone! The friend who didnt get offended when i said i had no bridal train, but simply and calmly volunteered herself as the maid of honor.
My lovely is moving. Let me start with our history. Our moms met through nigerwives back in the days and we knew each other casually. Then i moved to Dubai in 2006ish and a mutual friend also another Nigerwife kid re – introduced us. And ever since then we have been thick as thieves. I left dubai 2010 to move to lag she worked a transfer to lag, it took 2 years but she did it and suprised me on my 30th birthday when shr showed up in Lagos.
Her job frustrated her so she resigned and is leaving on boxing day back to the Philippines.  This is one of those moments i wish i was single and could go to the Philippines for a month and just hang out. I need a creative way to convince my husband we both need space. Hahahaha. Even one week. I am praying my lovely gets a job in Accra at least she will be closer, and i hope she finds an awesome partner. She and my mother are the two most sincere people i know. I cant even say that for my own self.


I am going to miss her.
Today’s giveaway is n3000 to a network of choice in Nigeria. At least it will do one month bbm or data for someone.

I am running low on funds, so please bear with me. Intentions are good, but resources arent always cooperative. And i am leaving town soon, so i have to be a bit conservative with spending.

I wish you a blessed week ahead. May God bless you and all of yours. May your purpose be fulfilled this week.



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  1. Amen and Amen. I pray the same for you.

    I had a similar experience in 2012. Two friends relocated to USA and Canada. My Sister joined the angels in Heaven. There was no one to run to….. but somehow I survived, I’m sure you will too. who knows, the Accra job might work out. Be hopeful. – do I qualify? I’ll love to re-gift.

    Your hubby still needs you around. Don’t run away. 🙂


  2. Wish I had a friend like yours, to open up to when the ish gets pretty annoying lol… Speaking of annoying partners,silence is the greatest weapon to some situations… My partner sure gets that a lot. Blessed week to you too.


  3. I have been a silent reader of your blog, since I saw your comment on bellanaija about your perfect Zanzibar wedding. I always wanted to comment, but I’m a tad nervous(i know that sounds weird.. whatever lol). I feel like you are my big sister in my head.. loool cause I’m young, but I find you really interesting and I feel like I relate to most things you write about particularly your plans and what you have already achieved. I know there’s no replacement for any of our loved ones, but I can be your new friend.. just saying 🙂


    • I dont have any sisters lok so you are welcome. Please feel free to comment, i have no right to judge anybody.


    • Tumi jst spoke my mind,i fell in love with this blog after I read a comment of hers on BN….i love love love this blog.continue to shine dear.


  4. I often do the moving away, and sometimes my friends react the same way when I announce my news. However, I’ve noticed that close friends become ever close, and the bonds between us become unbreakable (at long as we both try to stay in touch). Just an anecdote to encourage you ….


  5. Awww, sorry about your friend moving. Well, you could always bboth plan special getaways.

    Marriage is a continous exam that never ends, somedays r just awesome, others are simply so so.

    Hubby is just being who he is, good for you that you have the strength to walk away sometimes.

    Been refreshing your page for days waiting for new post. I’m having a ball reading. Missed you oooo!!!


  6. Is it me or is there some resemblance between you two? You’ve kept in touch for over 20 years, distance won’t change that I believe. I know the feeling of wanting to keep friends close but life happens.


  7. Awwww. don’t cry, dry your eyes.

    Distance never seperated true friendship. esp with email, whatsapp, bb, bb talk, it’s endless. Look at it this way, a nice vacation spot where you don’t have to pay for hotel. hello!!!!!!


  8. Yaaay!!! Finally get to see a picture of I like to visualize and/or imagine what a writer looks like and you had shown us glimpses of you, so I guess you have satisfied my curiosity. So back to the matter, sowie about your friend moving..hope she gets to stay in Accra..
    I remember having this feeling when I was about age 6 and my best friend moved away and then got another best Since then I’ve been a ‘lone-ranger’ as I guess I don’t know how to have/share my bestfriend.. Well.. my mum and sister are my best friends, most of the time. Dont worry I’d be your “imaginary” best friend. Compliments of the season!xx
    P.s-You cant “escape” le boo! (my.epistle..:))


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