Would it?

Would it have mattered that you lived? Who would it have mattered to? You, your family, strangers? People who came across you once? People you helped that cant do anything back for you in return? Who? Who would it have mattered to?
Do you just run through the day just to exist? You actions do they reflect what you stand for? Or are they just about you? Would your life have mattered? I am really just thinking out loud this morning.
My brother in law definitely lived a life that mattered that i can say for a fact. He didnt have the world, but he was good at lifting people’s spirits. So give it some thought, what do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to leave behind? A legacy or a will? Or both?

The giveaway is still the n5000 credit to www.the5kshop.com. i am drawing a blank on other things to giveaway. Its a random pick, so please post your email address in the comments section.

Hsppy birthday to an awesome uncle.  We will eat cake today.

Please remember life is for the living,  live your best life now. Tomorrow is not promised.



4 Comments on Would it?

  1. Legacy and will. Legacy 1st though. Your reputation is forever. It goes on even after death.

    Will because I don’t want my death to be an additional burden on my loved ones. Also it will be cool to still bless people when I’m gone.

    Gift ideas
    – all those hair and nail products in your stash.
    -all those food/pastreis you whip up. Imagine someone getting lunch and a snack at work 🙂


  2. To live without touching lives is not to have lived at all. It’s passing through this world without making your presence felt. Who lives that way? I guess nobody, because in every little way, someone must have a positive or negative influence on you.

    It’s best to be remembered for good.


  3. Its all about living a life of purpose, affecting people in every little and possible positive way and pleasing God… Hmmm wat a life


  4. Been going thru an emotional trauma & many times.i just wish I don’t wake up the next morning.but am most grateful to God I do wake up & realise am not even a quarter way in what am on earth to do & it would be too sad leaving my loved ones broken.a legacy & a will I’d say.


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