Temporary Relief

Is it true God doesnt give us what we cannot handle?  My brother has been laid to rest. It was an emotional day, very very emotional and i bawled like a baby. Seeing his coffin at the church and then watching it being lowered to the ground. 
I am extremely proud to say he married a very strong woman. His lovely wife was composed throughout the service.  She is definitely God’s gift to the rest of us. My husband has finally taken a mid afternoon nap or sleep. It is hard but we shall shoulder on. I dont wish the circumstances on anyone, not even my enemy. I am sure i have a few, at least one confirmed. I will entertain you at a later date with that gist.
My parents have been entirely awesome through the process.
In other news, i am getting a nephew and twin nieces in the next 2 or so months. So i am grateful.
Will keep working on the school to keep busy. Someone gave me information on business loans being offered by the government,  i will be taking a look at the information soonest and once i understand it, i will share it for those interested.
Its the season for giving, it is xmas time.

I will be giving out n5,000 credit/ gift voucher to one reader for www.the5kshop.com
Please remember to leave your email address in the comment section.
Please also remember that there are many around us who dont have. May God give us the grace to be considerate of others as we think of ourselves.

Commenter Clare please leave the right email address for the pink necklace or n500 credit post – thanksgiving Nov 27 post.



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  1. Hi dear, thank God you are doing great. God indeed will not give us burdens beyond our capacity.

    In time all will be well.

    As for my email, Its clarehenshaw@yahoo.com.

    I’m grateful but so you know I got a necklace before o!!! I could regift my new gift so I’d go for the piink necklace.

    Thanks again


  2. Yes, it is true. All these unpleasant happenings just remind us that this earth is not our home.

    Keep being busy. I was going to mail you but here you are now, better all to the glory of God. He makes all things beautiful in His time.

    Triplets?! If so, Wow! If not, congratulations all the same. 🙂 three lives are wonderful blessings.



  3. Her composure should be checked at a closer look,am sure she’s just still blank.the Good Lord will strengthen her & the kids & u all too.
    Congrats on the new bundles coming
    Saw ur comment on TTB 2day & rmbrd u have been missing & checking ur blog for the 3rd time.
    deelzy@yahoo.com if I happen to be lucky.lol


  4. Smiling.

    Joy does come in the morning. congratulations on the babies coming along. Wishing the mommies a safe delivery.


  5. Glad to know you’re doing better. The Lord gives and the Lord takes, He has taken and is giving your family 3 new lives. How awesome is He!


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