What if?

Family is doing better and we are generally consoling ourselves that Usifo would want us happy. God Rest his soul. Thirty seven short but fruitful years, God knows why he does his things the way he does. Arrangements have been made for Tuesday and Wednesday for his send forth. My husband has started sleeping at night, thank God. Everyone is finding their own way of coping. Thank God for a new day.
Now onto the topic, i still owe some people recharge cards from this site and the second pink necklace.
I have always wondered if in Nigeria there is a website you can visit everyday and get things for free? People say Nigerians are hoarders, is it true? Would you be willing to give away say your wedding aso oke that has been sitting in your closet for a long time to a random stranger? Would you be willing to give away the new dress you have had for four years that still has the tag on? I mean sans transportation cost. I am conducting my own version of a social survey.  Do you think its people that already have a lot that will want more stuff? I am truly really curious about it. There is no right or wrong answer.
I am of the opinion that people will give if they have, but then I also stop to think when I hear things like someone embezzled and bought 100 houses etc. Please share your thoughts.

Posting is part of my way of coping. I have downloaded candy crush and candy crush soda and they are killing my phone battery.
We may be having that honeymoon afterall, i am possibly going to London with my mother in law, Sifo’s wife and his sister to make sure they get space and can grieve properly in peace. Hubstar has been mentioning that we have to go away for a week or two to somewhere else. Sifo always did warn us that we must go for a honeymoon, so he is working on it.

God keep you and yours as you enter the new week.



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  1. Thank God you all are adjusting well. That’s good to hear. All will be well eventually.


  2. Thank God for small mercies


  3. christabel // December 8, 2014 at 13:21 // Reply

    All is well and even in the well God is aware… Take heart


  4. Glad u all are coping well,loosing a loved 1 is really a great ordeal.the Lord will keep strengthening u all.
    To ur question,I think the poor want more & rich wants more too.nothing is ever enough in this world.enough could only be for a little while but there’s always so much joy in giving & seeing someone joyous over a little thing which u wouldn’t have noticed.


  5. If you exclude the “fronting” crew, everyone loves a freebie new or used(used depends on the items).

    1.I think the big thing is people are to lazy to sort through their items to identify things to give out.
    2. People don’t know who to give or where to drop off items.


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