Someone Has Lost It, Just Not Sure Who

So I woke up this morning and realized it was 9am. I can explain this one, since I don’t work a structured job, I tend to sleep around 2am and get up about 8am. I looked next to me, Hubstar was still sleeping. The room was ice cold as in frozen tundra, North Pole kinda cold. I don’t like the cold, but if you put me in a cold room, I sleep to the point of bad behavior and I never want to get out of bed. My husband lives for the cold, winter and rain. I dislike all those things. I am up now. My Person is also out of the hospital and doing better.

So this morning I decided to hide under the comforter or duvet as Nigerians like to call it and go online. That’s usually how I start my day; my husband calls me the Internet warrior. I was on a blog and noticed that pictures of a woman I had admired on Instagram about a day or so ago were plastered on the particular post. Anyways she got married a few days back on her 30th birthday to a man, as a second wife. Now that wasn’t the kicker, the kicker was another mysterious Instagram handle came on to say how the man she married was randy and was HIV+ or had AIDS. The next thing is does anyone know the relationship between he and his new wife? And if the person really wanted her to know, would an email with concrete proof not be enough to have her go test herself?

Now my whole thing is come, Instagram said post pictures of yourself, be happy etc. When did this become an expose type of tool? Is it that Nigerians we don’t create much, but are so good at utilizing the things created by the west especially for Negative or sideways things? I particularly do not do gossip blogging for a variety of reasons. Don’t worry, this is like my 6th blog in my 10 years of blogging, I have always had my own issues, but I am a believer in blogging from the heart. The older I get as a woman, the less apologetic I am, for me its about ownership of my womanhood. But its like we find the negative things to do with things that weren’t intended for such. Facebook- women fighting themselves, Instagram – people showing off what another woman’s husband has bought them etc. I am not judging anybody, but I am just asking why, or trying to understand why? Everybody has shortcomings, is there a need to publicly declare the next woman’s? Because its not a man that is sitting doing all these malicious thing, it is a woman. Why? Are we sometimes that unhappy within ourselves that we speak so badly about people and try to bring them unhappiness in the process?

Anyways enough about that. I will have you know that I have lost 1KG since Sunday when I made the decision to do the stairs in my building. I have done the stairs 3 days in a row – 5 to 6 times each time. Yesterday, Tuesday I actually did the full run, and I also jump roped 300 times each day and did the electric chair for 3-60 second intervals. Getting this body strong and right is my goal. I am working on my food intake, I am addicted to sugar – carbohydrates, processed sugars etc. So I am actively working on that, I don’t believe in deprivation, but portion control is key. My target goal is 65kg from my current 70Kg. I hope to accomplish this by December ending. I am looking for a race to sign up for on If I had cash, I would do the Dubai Standard Chartered marathon this year (that was my first race ever in 2008), just the 10km though as my knees aren’t too great. And I can finish in well under an hour. Maybe if I train long enough I can do 40 minutes, God Dey.

I have a confession, so I got twists exactly two weeks ago, and its probably one of my worst beauty decisions to date, but it was either take them out and waste N6,000 or keep them for 3 weeks and manage. Lol. I have been managing, and the hair looks like it has been on my head for 2 months. I am managing till next week, YES I CAN. I might post pictures if I have the guts to do so.

On another note, the CBN has now pegged the dollar at N168/$ AT this rate, it will be N200/$ on the black market. Is there hope for us in this country? A lot of our consumption is imported, in how many years of producing oil, we are still so heavily dependent on oil revenue. I guess its like the case of a reckless human being who makes money and spends it and thinks they will continue to make money all their life. Nigeria which way forward please, because if this thing drops to $60/barrel, the whole economy will collapse.

There is a winner for the purple circle necklace. So today I have another necklace set again. Please leave your email address, keep in mind you don’t have to win the item for yourself, you might have that cleaning lady in your office who is always so kind, the kids teacher at school, the nanny etc. Its totally up to you as to what you do with the item. For those who have won something on this site in the past, also feel free to post your email address, I am not excluding you, you just cant win two items on the same day.





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  1. Wish I could be more discipline about my exercise 🙁 bn on portion control n low carb diet though. Nigeria!!!! It is when issues that tends to ruin our economy arises that’s when we start looking for a short cut out. If crude price keeps dropping I wonder what will happen in the first quarter of 2015.


  2. For me the plan is to add some weight, barely meeting my BMI requirement. So sad we are still a mono economy after all these years and more hardship for the populace over the drop in oil price, because the government have only two options to meet its obligations – start spending the foreign reserves or remove subsidy on petroleum products.


  3. Thank God your person is doing better!

    Health-conscious comrade-in-arm here. I’ve just started a new job where they feed us a little too much, and a little too often. I’m hoping to counteract that by doing the 15mins walk to work from the bus-stop, instead of taking the tram. Also planning to cut down on my one million cups sugared-coffees per day, not easy when you live in Francophone land….


  4. Hubby lives for the cold too. Home AC switched on while it’s raining heavily. You get the worst of him when his car AC is bad.

    Thank God for your person. Good to hear.

    Women will always be their worse enemies. And for no just cause. Like you said, envy and the desire to bring someone down.

    Good luck on the exercises. Keep going.

    About your hair, just try to keep it covered while you’re out. But if it’s really as bad as you say, I’m sure you’ll be forgiven for taking it off. Money wasted but then…… new Salon/hand?

    About the economy , hmmmm….. I really don’t know what’s happening in Nigeria but while hoping it gets better, I’m also praying that God increases me and mine to the point that the negative changes don’t affect us one bit.


  5. I’ve seen the pictures on insta, she looked really beautiful. Its always baffling when you see a woman trying to pull her fellow woman down when she should be supporting her. You see it everywhere especially in work places. Some people can’t bear to see others happy while others just take pleasure in bringing their fellow women down. I stopped reading Lindaikeji’s blog because of the comments…i cant just deal.

    No harm in admitting defeat with the hair, the weekend is as good a time as any to take it down.

    Praise God your person is doing better, hoping the recovery process is fast.


  6. I’ve always said it, Nigerians are not good pple (bite me)…..naija women are all the way turned up on some evil ish.

    Naija women often times get the short end of the stick(sad effect from a lawless patriachal society) so bitterness flows abundantly. Now rather than spread blessings around to negate these bitterness, our women are keen on distributing it (misery loves company).

    Its just sad and dissapointing. Reason I’m so on this #nonewfriendsbusiness. I’ve been blessed with awesome friends like sisters. My heart is fragile, I can’t handle any of these crazy female drama.

    These days I read stories on blogs and all I can pray for is for God to give these pple strength to make it through another day. Sorry for the rant. Sigh!


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