The beginning of a new week, the day to start off right whether by going to church or creating a resolution or making a decision. My decision this week in addition to the constant desire to do right is to attempt to start moving around again. I have gained about 5kgs since July when i stopped going to the gym, and i am also hypotensive so i need to excercise and get that BP back to normal. My decision is to start with the stairs in my building. I live on the 6th floor, maybe i can do the stairs 3 to 4 times a day. To think i used to run a marathon every year till last year. God dey sha.Today i plan on going to church, will be wearing iro and buba, some of my clothes cant fit me right now either.

Yesterday was my first love’s birthday. We had a mini house event for him, and someone asked if i was pregnant. Lol. Well i got my old man a cake from Jayne’s cravings and we called in the caterer. So i was off the grid for a bit.

I had ordered a cake on thursday from Olla a lawyer moonlighting as a baker for my husband for our 5th month being married. So you see we got married on my birthday in June at the registry and started living together, we got around to having the traditional and formal in October. We made 5 months on thursday.  Not the simplest of journeys,  but we have God who has blessed us with friendship. So i celebrated the hubstar with the cake below. The cake rode around with her for about 5 hours but remained intact, she makes very sinful cakes.


The airtime give aways have been won. Congrats to those who got it. The give away for today is a necklace with earrings below.


Just trying to switch things up a bit. The rules remain, post your comment with an email address and i will email the winner. Please make sure you can either pick the item up in ikoyi or it can be delivered to you in VI or Ikoyi.

Have a fulfilling week ahead, stay awesomely inspired and blessed.



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  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. Many more years in plenty and good health.

    I love that line “sinful cake”. 🙂

    Happy Sunday to you too.


  2. Happy Birthday to your dad. Many more years in plenty and good health.

    I love that line “sinful cake”. 🙂

    Happy Sunday to you too and good luck on the weight loss.


  3. HBd 2ur first love and do well to exercise this week…


  4. Happy belated birthday to your dad!


  5. Hi Pynk, nice blog you have going here. O like the personal touch your blog has, it’s almost like I am having a conversation with a real person face to face.

    Now im gonna give myself the pleasure to indulge in every single post. Lol, I just feel like I have been given a batch of freshly baked cookies (lol).

    Well done.



  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad
    Just a quick comment, why don’t you have a link for subscribers to register email address, so we can be alerted when new items are posted


  7. Happy belated birthday your dad!


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