No I haven’t lost my mind, at least not conclusively for now. I won a Shoprite coffee hamper yesterday – thanks to . I made a comment jokingly about the quality of my marriage being dependent on good coffee. So you see my husband is addicted to coffee, his day is a wreck if he doesn’t have coffee. Woot woot I won! My father is also addicted to coffee, but I am more of a tea person, but someone has been making me different kinds of coffee and we even have one of those fancy coffee makers in the house. Least to say I don’t know how to operate it, not interested in operating it either. But I am so happy; this is my second win in the span of a week. Maybe It’s my time to win, I don’t know.

I spent some time with my mom yesterday. A few months back, my mom said she wanted to start making liquid soap for washing dishes, clothes, hands etc. I was a bit worried, because my mom’s entrepreneurial spirit is almost non-existent. She was scarred from childhood. My maternal grandma was a baker and a store keeper, and people always owed her money, sometimes to the point where her kids had nothing to eat. My grandma was also one of those women who was unlucky in marriage, she had 3 husbands, the first one went to England and never came back to Jamaica, and the second my mom’s dad died in a car crash and the third – I really don’t remember the story. Anyway, grandma was always very enterprising, she made a lot of wedding cakes, taught neighborhood young men how to make beef patties, and she also had a store on the main road. I do remember the store, because even as kids she would tell us to take whatever we wanted. I remember her being an extremely selfless person. With how little she had, she raised four children who all did relatively well. My big aunty is a school superintendent for a third of the country’s school, my uncle was the lead counsel to the presidency, my mother went to America and ended up in Africa, and the fourth is a company secretary. With little in the eyes of the world, God favoured her.

So my mother has never wanted a business of any sort, she wants a paycheck. She is the perpetual worker, she consults at a hospital in Lagos, and when she said she wanted to make soap, I asked what the margins were, and she said N20 per bottle. I was a bit upset, because I was thinking in the usual fashion of why bother. My husband said to let her be and if it makes her happy, then let her do it. He asked how much she needed to start, I told him she said about N5,000. He gave me the money to give to her. She made the first batch of about 60 bottles, my siblings and I all bought about 40 of it and gave her a total of about N6000. My own 15 bottles served me about a month and a half as it just finished yesterday. I use it to wash the floor, dishes and hand.

She made her second batch last week – 80 bottles, and decided to try her hands at making bleach. My husband (Robot) asked me to get 60 bottles off her, to drop off at a few of his offices, since he is going to make them start ordering from her. Lol. During the discussion with her yesterday, she was telling me that her margin from the soap is about 100% (but she will have to sell at least N20,000 worth monthly). My dad butt in and said he was willing to pay for bottles and labels for her to kick off and get her to supply at least two of his friend’s hotels. She can also sell them to people having parties as souvenirs. Once the official product gets done, I will be posting the pictures.

She is ecstatic because it keeps her busy on the days she isn’t consulting at the hospital as a nutritionist & dietician. I am excited for her not because it’s a significantly profitable business, but because she will be busy. My mom is about 56 and I worry a lot about her. Most people have siblings around, my mom really has only us her kids as her family is far away. I don’t think anyone can ever get used to being away from home and the occasional waves of sadness that occur.

On a wedding note, my father needs to be a father of the bride speech coach. He gave the most reckless but honest marriage advice speech I have ever witness. If I am able to edit it and stuff, I will post it on here one day. He always seems absent minded and rascally, but he pays a lot of attention. Lol. He also knows when his tenants are having marital problems. My father never uses the God wants you to stay married approach, he was telling me about one of his tenants, and how the wife would threaten the husband that she would pack out and the guy would respond that he was her husband. Said the lights in the flat had been off generally for the last few months, no noise etc. he spoke with the husband who has been his tenant for almost 10 years in February and asked after family, the guy said the wife travelled with the 2 kids. So the guy’s rent is up, my dad said he called him and said ok so are you staying or moving? And how come there are no lights in the house? Are the lights not working? How is the family? Dude finally admitted that his wife left the house. In trying to reach the tenant my dad had 4 numbers for him, 2 of the numbers didn’t pick up. So the wife called my dad back, I guess they were her numbers- my dad asked her outright if she packed out, she said yes. My dad asked her if she was willing to have a sit down with him my dad. So they are meeting up at my brothers’ house with my brother’s wife as the host. Lol. My mother wants no hand in the whole matter, she never does. The woman was the one that picked the date for the meeting; I guess she wants to fix her marriage. Marriage isn’t easy, granted, but I think sometimes we also set ourselves up for unhappy situations due to expectations.

On another note, I am arranging my brain to apply for I advise other small business owners or aspirants who need capital to apply. I am not saying you will win it, but it never hurt to try. It will also teach you a few things along the way, since there is sort of a business plan portion etc. Some people have business plans, no money – everybody has their own. Just apply, you never know.

The cookies are gone. Dmbae won then. On offer – cupcakes from Jayne’s cravings, and two N500 recharge cards (network of your choice, N500 per person). Please remember the rules. Only one item per person, post, which item you, want along with your comment and email address.




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  1. My mum, mum-in-love and my daughter are tea people. Whew! My daughter….

    Happy for your mom’s business and happy for you, blog visitors have started commenting. Yippee!

    About your dad interfering, there’s nothing like godly advice from elderly couples.


  2. thelmathinks // November 19, 2014 at 12:48 // Reply

    LOL. Just like us, my dad and my sister; tea addicts. My mum and I; coffee addicts. We simply cannot stand tea and the other two would rather have have water if there’s no tea.
    I’m so glad for your mum. My mum is the prototype hustler; all through her years working a 9-5 she was always doing something; tailoring business, hairdressing salon, selling soap, selling eggs, supermarket business and now it’s a restaurant with point n kill and the whole works. I on the other hand, not so much *covers face*. I wish for just a bit of that hustler spirit.


  3. sometimes doing what we are passionate about keeps us sane,no matter how other people feel about it.


  4. stumbled on your blog from thelmathinks and I’ve read every single post, love it.…I’ve never won anything even though i keep trying so keeping my fingers crossed i get the cupcakes. i love cakes, cupcakes, pastries you name it. thank you


  5. Tea all day everyday. Tazo tea makes me happy.

    Congrats to your mom. Wish her the best. I recently started my lace business. You see I’m so risk averse and too much of a nicey.I had suppliers for lace and would order for pple at cost price. My friends all vexed for me and started adding extras so now I’m a lace scary but I’m hoping to get over the fear of risks.

    Testify to your pops speech. I guess that’s where u get ur honesty, just be real xteristics from 🙂 if you will speak, speak words that are true to you not what everyone wants to hear.


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