Wedding Nightmares

Well guess who broke the Internet with her wedding? Solange did, and showed the world how one can be quirky and fun. However my one of my own wedding fears in terms of what could go wrong manifested at her wedding. ALLERGIES! Allergies can put the fear of God into someone that has them constantly, and woe betide you if your tests come back inconclusive as to what you are allergic to.

wpid-2014-11-18-08.52.06.png.pngPoor Solange ended up with hives on her face, I am guessing this was before she got to do the No Flex dance with her son. She commented about Benadryl saving the night. Many allergy sufferers are usually not that lucky, some people have to walk around with Epi pens. I have allergies, the one that has been identified outright through blood tests are cherries, but for every time I end up in hives, the kind that you are also trying to see if you can miraculously scratch your eyeballs, your underarms, down there and the bottom of your feet all at the same time, the tests generally come back inconclusive. Meaning they pretty much take my money and can’t tell me why I look like I went to hell and the devil rejected me. The quick fix this is often a steroid injection, it suppresses the immune system from fighting further. I remember once in primary school, I came home from school perfectly fine, and I had an orange, next thing I was itching like banshee the mad woman. My grandma’s sister was around and she recommended palm oil, because my mom wasn’t home from work yet. The palm oil worked, but I had to walk around the house with an old bed sheet and I wasn’t allowed to sit on anything as my face and entire body was covered in palm oil. I consume oranges in my adulthood and I am perfectly fine.

In addition to cherry allergies, I have combo allergies. I know this mess was inherited from my mother, she can’t eat garri or eba and then pineapple, she literally stops breathing. She can have both individually, but not close to each other, well actually I think the pineapple allergy is becoming full blown. I for instance cannot have fried rice the way Nigerians make it- too much ingredients – I always end up in the hospital if it touches my plate. I am fine with jollof rice, but I also can never have the Nigerian party salad with all the baked beans etc.

I am not quite allergic to floral, at least it’s not definitive, in that I get a bouquet of flowers and I am generally ok. The time I got 100 roses, I had to open all the windows, also on my 27th birthday I had 27 bouquets in my office, my tongue swells, and I looked like solange above. One of my god-mothers in Nigeria is a florist, I spent a lot of weekends with her as a child and I used to help her around her shop when she had to make wreaths etc. and I was generally fine. So you would think no flower allergies right? For every time I walk into a florist for even 10 minutes my skin starts to tingle.

For my traditional in Lagos- I asked for artificial flowers for two reasons – the cost of real flowers in this town is ridiculous, and the space was enclosed as in a massive hall. I wasn’t keen on taking chances, better to eliminate the option of having a breakout. My wedding was in Ikeja, I get my steroid (cortisone injections) from St. Nicholas hospital on Lagos Island, would have been a bad move.

For Zanzibar, I actually contacted a florist, as the ceremony and reception were both outdoor functions. The guy wasn’t very responsive, so I sought out other options. My husband’s uncle suggested we order flowers from Kenya, my husband kicked against it because of cost. Now I had to creatively come up with either getting a florist from Dar or just doing something myself. I had seven tables originally, and I had only a maid of honor. Considering the risk of fresh flowers, I simply just told a friend in NY and she suggested we make the entire event an artificial flower event, with just the aisle flowers being fresh for me to walk on, and maybe a few flowers on tables from the couple’s table being real. I asked the resort, they told me the gardener could pick me some frangipanis.

I made my bouquet, 6 boutonnieres, bought the maid of honors bouquet for about $45 total. I also was able to do each of the tables for about $10 each if you consider shipping costs. The couple’s table had floating candles with a bit of the frangipanis put far away from me. The ceremony area had strictly pull bows above waist level, with frangipanis on the floor. In total I spent about $250 max on décor for the entire formal. Much cheaper than if I had paid anyone to do it and I eliminated the likelihood of an outbreak. pictures

wpid-2014-11-18-08.55.00.jpg.jpeg wpid-20141029_120433.jpg


I am kind of pleased I ended up going with artificial flowers in hindsight. I avoided a break out and still had a fantastic time without the flowers anyway. I also kept my bouquet. Lol.

If you have allergies, please share your worst experience.



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  1. I like your blog and I’m ‘commenting’ again.. which is very unlike me cuz I’m the usual “read and go” blog I’m grateful I don’t have allergies though the closest to it I can say is if I try out something uniquely different on my face, I tend to break out. Thus, before my wedding, I didn’t go for any ‘facials’ so I didn’t have to ‘become a shadow of myself’ on the d-day! Anyways, since there are still freebies to be won, my email address is Thank you. (although I’m trying to reduce my junk intake and I may be too lazy to go pick up the “weight addition” gift, I would be looking out for a free recharge card at your next give-away.. :)) Keep up your good work!
    P.s-Sowie for the epistle!


    • Lol. Do you want cookies or cupcakes? You can regift them if you want. If you feel like putting a smile on someone else’s face. Will send an email to you


  2. LOVEEEEE your blog!!!!!


  3. My besto had a bouquet of sea shells!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! she had a beach wedding in Gambia.


  4. Perfume allergy when I was younger. I couldn’t breathe well until I was out of the room. Happened constantly that was when I knew something was up. It’s better now. I just feel tingles in my nose and once I get fresh air, I’m ok. Problem is hubby is a perfume person but we’ve have an understanding. The windows have to be open when he has to spray.
    Thanks, I can edit now. 🙂


  5. Crayfish allergy is what I have. I think I am the only one with that


  6. Fragrance allergies also when I was younger but I’ve outgrown it. My mom had to find a fragrance free deodorant for me those days.

    Now it’s just pollen allergies. Once the spring is approaching, I have to get on 1 a day zyrtec.


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