Happy Sunday, for some reason that’s not an excuse, I didn’t make mass today. Anyway that also means my catechism class is delayed by a week. Oh well. I was reading Stella’s blog, and one reader sent in an email about selling her wedding dress.

As we all know, well if you don’t know, now you know I got married in an intimate ceremony in Zanzibar with 50 guests on the 29th of October. That’s that. So let me tell the story of my dress. Every wedding dress has a story, how it was found and what the love story was. So I knew my dress was going to be bought in New York and I Set a mental budget for about $4,000. It was the main expense I was willing to go ahead with for the wedding, all other things I didn’t care too much for. So my brother had gotten married in Feb 2014, and I asked his wife where she got her dress and she told me my brother found the store called Bridal Garden – The Bridal Garden is the only not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City, with donated designer wedding gowns discounted up to 75% off the original retail price.  Dresses are samples, overstock, and once-worn; they are donated by designers, stores, and brides. Proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children.

My dress was brand spanking new. I had pulled 20 dresses in my size from about 15 or so different brands. It was the third dress I had tried on – it was asymmetrical with loads of pattern under tulle. It was very mathematical and whimsical at the same time, and oh it wasn’t white. Yes I fell in love. If anyone had told me I would be a Vera Wang Bride, I would have called him or her a liar. But alas, Vera won my heart with a Joanna from her 2012 witchcraft collection. So I checked the price tag for the original price of the dress and it said $7,800. No I didn’t faint; bridal garden had it tagged for $3,500. It was within budget, but I needed to think about the purchase. So I had a 1-week window or so to make a decision, but I had to pay $100 for them to hold the dress for me. The $100 was applicable to any merchandise in the store if I decided I didn’t want that dress anymore.

I went home did my research on the dress etc. Found out the dress was retailing for the lowest at $3,000 between eBay and pre-owned wedding’s website. I was being prompted by several friends to go to kleinfeld’s, David’s bridal etc. I refused, because in my heart of hearts it was my dress. I returned to pick up my dress, something told me to bargain, I asked for a discount, we got it down to $2,800, and with tax it was $3,200. I went to the trimmings store and got a belt for $250. The seamstress bill was another $500. Total cost for my wonderful dress was $3,900, below my budget. Anyways I decided I was already at my end point financially, my sister in law suggested my something borrowed be her veil, we put it next to the dress, it matched. See picture below.


Long story short, I told my husband I was selling the dress, and that I would only be keeping the belt. He proceeded to ask me if the sentimental value wasn’t worth more than the $3000 I could possibly get back for it. Now its not that the money will make a monumental difference in my existence, however what are the arguments to keep the dress? I am not keeping it for my daughter, because I had not the slightest inkling to wearing my mothers dress, and I remember it as a yellowish moldy dress that was hung up in the back of her closet till I was about 10 maybe.

Now my argument follows, my dress I will get a minimum of $2,000 back for, is there a reason not to resell it? Money goes a long way if not even for myself, I can use it to do things that will benefit others. Please share your wedding dress experience and what you did with your dress and if you aren’t married, what do you plan on doing with your dress?

On another note – I won a box of cookies from cookie jar on instagram. Cookie jar is a friend and I remember I used to be a test mule for him when he started in 2012 ish. Its wonderful to see people you know grow.

So I want to extend the gift I got, now we have two giveaways. Note the same person cannot get both. A box of cupcakes from JC and a box of standard cookies from cookie jar.

Have a blessed week ahead and may it be better than last week.






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  1. I made a cream gown, simply styled because I wanted something I could wear later for a dinner.

    It’s still in my wardrobe. I haven’t worn it again and it’s almost 5 years. 🙂

    29th is a blessed day, I told you its my daughter’s birthday.

    Can you find a solution to easily editing ones comment before posting? If there’s an error, one has to erase the whole comment and start all over again.


    • The 29th October will always be dear to me. Your daughter is a blessed child. I will look into the comments editing. As for the dress you need to go on a date oh. Wink wink.


  2. Mine is still at the bottom of my wardrobe.I have been meaning to put it on ebay but honesty can’t be bothered. I’m thinking I can still make baptismal outfits for my kids when they come. Bought it for 2,200 pounds and it was worth every penny 🙂


    • Iyin your dress is white then? Mine is off white, i never even considered baptismal outfits. It seems UK dresses are more expensive.


  3. My dress had a mix of lace and taffeta. I got the taffeta part made into a baptism gown for my son. Will use the lace part for my daughter. And I feel so good about that. LOL


    • Uzo you are a noble being. My dress is offwhite with mostly tulle and some bizzare but special patterns underneath. I doubt my mother and mother in law would appreciate their grandchild in off white for baptism.


  4. Jeez! You just reminded me of my wedding dress I dumped somewhere and haven’t even dry-cleaned after almost a year(I keep discussing with my sis-in-love of how we ought to dry-clean our dresses and we just laugh it off. I remember trying on my mums when I was about 10 but never thought about it by the time I was getting


  5. I know you! Lol… You probably don’t remember, but I’ll never forget how you attempted to assist with my Econ problem set on NR… That was a really nice gesture.

    Congratulations on your wedding!


  6. I can’t wait to sell of my wedding dress, it’s occupying good space.

    I sure have no reason to keep the dress.


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