Wedding Talk Again

Yas yas yas more wedding talk. I actually was going to blog about something else – self and purpose, but i just thought to get this post out of the way.

So with weddings and receiving gifts, Nigerians have the belief that the bigger the gift, the better. So you are likely to end up with coolers, microwaves etc. Large and cheap gifts. A friend of mine ended up with 5 microwaves. Yeah ok. So to avoid this, gift registries are of the essence. My husband and i combined households, so we didnt need that much stuff but wanted a few items- washing machine, additional acs etc. Before you judge us, well me – i wont put plates on the registry when we have enough plates. We put a new double door fridge on the registry too.
Several stores offer registries – Game and mega plaza are two popular ones.i have gotten multiple complaints about game. If you dont have your receipt, they will try to keep your item. Yup. If the person who bought you the gift doesn’t give you the receipt, you are pretty much screwed. The workers wont let you see the master list, they keep the item and resell it or something. Yes Game i am calling you out for roguery.
On that note we chose to go with mega plaza. They told us upfront whatever was bougt on our behalf would be recorded and we could swap out items and even get a gift voucher. So we ran along and created our list. Came up to about n2million, who says you cant dream. We got about n500k in gifts -most importantly we got our washing machine. We opted for some of the items and got back n130k in credit. I am proposing we apply it towards a sexy double door fridge which is going for n380k. God help us because right now no money. Mega plaza also deliver the items for free, definitely an added bonus.
On the next note, i am trying to make thank you notes. I am torn between making picture cards or buying generic thank you cards and writing the actual thank yous, i believe they are more personal and show our appreciation to those who gave us gifts and also those who came to zanzibar,  tomorrow i will shop around for the generic cards and see what i can find or make.
On a happy wife note, the hubstar took me out to a 5 star lunch at the wheatbaker hotel today. Ran into someone we werent too keen to see today.

Todays giveaway is still the cupcakes as enjay already won the airtel credit. Woot woot.



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  1. Hello , I found your blog from BellaNaija. I am a theme and destination planner. I could contribute to your blog if you like and we could share ideas. I also prefer small intimate gatherings. Most Nigerians do not appreciate the advantage of smaller DO


    • Aaw wlecome Daplanners. I just write my mind on here, i dont even know who reads it. Lol. I share your sentiments on smaller and intimate weddings. I am thinking of a 5 year vow renewal- i know i just got married but still. Let me know how you want to contribute to the blog. I appreciate the offer.


  2. We registered at Mega Plaza, Avalon House and Adam & Eve. And this was almost 6 years ago. Very smart idea. We did get the bizarre N20 in an envelope that has us both screaming Blood of Jesus. LOL


    • Uzo that N20 may have been hmmmmm. I didnt know Avalon house did registries, i feel so ashamed as it is owned by a dear family friend. Mega plaza is helpful.


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