Still on the traditional

I am here, blessesd to be alive. I am learning the act of gratitude. Its better to see that which you do have versus that which you dont have. Grateful for all that i have, a loving husband, great family, and good friends.
Now onto the matter at hand. Aso ebi, well well well. This is a Yoruba thing turned Nigerian thing, and people are taking it too far. As a newly wed, i did aso ebi fot my traditional and actually refused to have a bridal train, but my dear friend Vic O volunteered herself – her dress was a Calvin Klein for $70, i paid for her hair and makeup and Jewelry. She picked her own shoes from her closet. There is no point in sending anyone into debt at all.

On to the main koko, asoebi. My asoebi was n15k – high by some standards, low by some also. My goal was to make sure it was affordable without being out of reach. I sold 39 pieces of asoebi and 40 pieces of aso oke. For a non sociable person, i did exceedingly well. I refused to give the aso ebi to a fabric merchant to do, because i didnt want any exploitation or insult. The folks who told me outright that they couldnt afford it, i didnt hold a grudge against anyone, some people even just wanted the aso oke headtie which i sold by itself for n5,000 which wasnt bad. Some wanted the lace only etc. My whole thing was that i didnt need anyone to feel obligated. I dont believe in spending until there is nothing left, i am an advocate of judicious spending. I do believe that many women get married or lose their minds in the process of getting married, no one should be broke or bankrupt on my account, i refuse to be broke or bankrupt on anyones account so there goes that.  I see no one wants my cupcakes or credit, i am just going to go cry. Hahaha.

Tomorrow my godson turns one, we got the cake below – different name obviously and number top tier chocolate and bottom is vanilla. Its from Jayne’s cravings. Its a sesame street theme.




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  1. Can’t see the whole cake. But it looks lovely. Happy Birthday to him.


  2. / airtel. Thanks.


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