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A bit under the weather, I have some sort of cold and I can’t explain it. But oh well, I hope folks had a weekend as restful as possible? The older I get, the more I realize we came into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing. Heard about the plane crash that took the lives of Dr Myles Munroe, his wife, his daughter and several others. Life is fleeting, may these folks RIP, it’s a lesson not to take life too seriously as we will never get out alive anyway, just give it your best and leave the rest. Do not spend time obsessing over that which you have no control, and focus on that which you know how to do and give it your best with the most cheerful disposition you can muster.


Back to wedding gist, I have been looking through the pictures from the traditional; I realize I made a mistake in letting my dad hire the photographer and videographer. Lets just say my Husband hired a photographer, so thank God. My dad’s photographer shot some terrible shots, I have no full outfit pictures, no pictures with my parents before their depa


rture to the venue etc. The Video is an absolute disgrace to videography.

Aside from the photographer, I advise all brides to get dressed in a hotel, there will be distractions at your parents house, if you cant afford it, please beg for it. Some lousy folks were asking to have their head ties tied by the makeup artist I hired before she was done with my make up. If possible hire two separate makeup artists and send one to the house say for your mother etc. So that there is no confusion or fight in the process. Also hire a make up artist that is close to your house to eliminate lateness possibilities. My makeup artist was Swishsignature if you like the makeup, she is more affordable than most and she does good work in my opinion. She also tends to have specials. You can find her on instagram if you are curious, you can also send me an email and I can give you her number.

My Husband chose the color scheme for the traditional in terms of


the outfits. I was able to fish out some pictures that seem decent. My first outfit was black and white, with gold accents. Lets just say for the entire outfit, jewelry inclusive I spent a whopping N50,000.00 inclusive of my primary jewelry, shoe and bag, buba and iro, head and shoulder, fan etc. I remember going to the market to price the aso oke, and they kept pricing for the buba, iro, head and shoulder between n60,000 and N80,000. I opted to use lace for my buba – N3,000 for 1 yard, wrapper handcut direct from weaver – N20,000, head and shoulder plain black – N5,500. I blinged out my aso oke with gold bling and did the same for my shoes and my fan which I got from the dollar store. If you still ask me, I am heavily in favor of destination weddings. My formal cost less than one-fifth of the traditional and by miles it was a better function.










I am re-extending the N1,000 credit for any commenter that is picked, Likewise the box of 12 cupcakes from Jayne’s Cravings. Please leave your email address in your comment so I can pick and contact the winner. I intend to give away something on every post till the end of the year. Not because I have a lot, but because I am grateful and I understand what it feels like not to have. Likewise the feeling of just getting something can lift someone’s spirit tremendously. So let go.




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  1. Ok you definitely need to share how you were able to get such amazing steals. I could have sworn aso oke starts from like N100k.

    Start spilling your vendors clothing vendors


    • Bee just let me know when you are ready for the vendor list. I can draw the list up and give it to you. The aso oke i went directly to the weaver because i knew what i wanted. The fabrics i got mostly from balogun market


  2. I love your heart of gratitude and giving. So fab. And these money saving tips especially in this day and age of obscene costing weddings..Fab


    • Uzo, i can be cheap to a fault. Lol. My husband laughs but he knows deep down he loves it. As for obsence weddings, the biggest weddings only remain in our memories for a week, till the next one comes along. I refuse to believe much of the couple’s personalitues go into the show


  3. Oh my! This is absolutely gorgeous. Luv d black and white combo with gold blings….. My email


  4. I love your color-combo.. wish I could get a full and clearer view.. Congrats on your wedding.. I wish you and your hubstar marital bliss.. My email is 🙂
    P.s- love your shoes.. please can you email me where exactly you got them from.. Gracias!


    • Hi dmbae, i got the black and white shoes from nordstroms rack for $45 and the gold bling from ac moore the craft store for about $3.


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