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Life is up and running, trying to figure out a way around CAC as they are still holding up my paperwork since April. Their systems crashed and blah blah blah. Nigeria has to be one of the worst places to do business in the globe, its simply ridiculous. Lagos state has said I can operate with just their own approval while I actively pursue the issue with CAC.

Ok so lets start with the wedding blogging business. One thing I cannot over emphasize is do not be obsessed about your wedding, things will go wrong, people will be late, things will be out of your realm of control. Your family and every tom, dick and harry will have an opinion, keep reminding yourself what is important to you. And of course commit the day or days to God.

Let me start from the beginning, with our introduction. My father offered to hire canopies for the introduction; I gracefully declined and explained to him that it was family only; so only my husbands immediate family and mine were present. We catered the event for N50,000.00 and moved on. I also set precedence for other events to come or so I thought.

I decided that our formal was going to be destination for several reasons. So in doing this, we agreed that the parents would have reign over the traditional, the only requirements for my husband and I would be to clothe ourselves and show up. Whatever they wanted to do, they could knock themselves out. My Father who is also a bully decided this was his function as a Yoruba man, and he would determine the pace. Fair and square, not my business, he paid for a hall in Lagos, 10 degrees in Ikeja, he even picked the date. We all agreed to it. He and My Father in Law decided what they wanted to each pay for.

First if you are getting married on an environmental day, request that your makeup artist is present before the start of the event, mine showed up at 12pm without the assistant to do my mom’s makeup, so she had to break between doing my make up and my mom’s. Lets say that delayed by 30 to 45 minutes. And then the photographer that was to take my pictures before I went to the hall decided on his own to vamoose to the venue without taking the pictures. Total rubbish, I don’t think I have any full-length pictures in my first outfit.

Now the traditional, all I did was pick the color scheme, cake design and my clothes. I didn’t even have any desire to pick centerpieces or a theme of any sort. I wasn’t interested in meeting the vendors or anything, frankly couldn’t be bothered. My dad had all that sorted out; the event was purely him, because I don’t even think my in-laws knew the extent of the event. They catered for 800 people, can someone please help me understand how by 3pm we had about 1200 guests according to the event coordinator? I don’t know where all the people came from, or anything.

The Alagas were late in performing their duties, and I got to the venue at 2.30pm, event was to start at 1pm, when I got there my husband hadn’t entered. The bloody alagas were busy hustling. There has to be a way to control these people. Anyways when I was to go in, they kept trying to drum me in. I warned them that I had instructed the dj, I refused to move oh, until the dj started playing. I wanted a 15 minute entry, by the middle of the first of my four songs, she was telling me to hurry up, I pointedly told her not to rush or bother me, as they had kept me waiting outside for over an hour already. Bloody waste of everyone’s time, we now had to be rushing through the rest of the function.

Based on the lateness of the event, there was a lot of rushing going on, we didn’t start dancing till about 6pm, half of our guests were already gone etc. If you ask me, the event wasn’t worth it, despite the amount that was spent – somewhere in the range of N10m. It was a ridiculous event that didn’t reflect the money put in, just my opinion. Yeah I was happy to be getting married, but I also know what I could have done with N10million; it would easily solve all of my issues regarding the school for at least the first operational year. I am a bit irritated.

A destination wedding is the best decision anyone that likes a peaceful existence can make. Just make sure you pick a good travel agent that is able to communicate with the guests and hotel, because you don’t want to end up coordinating guests, my husband had to do it, and it ruined what was supposed to be peaceful for us. We got married at the Seacliff resort in Zanzibar on a Wednesday to keep the guest count low – we had 51 guests on a Wednesday, I cant imagine if we yielded to the Saturday that my dad and a few other people were asking for, what would have happened.

One major tip for destination brides or maybe two, heck maybe a couple, if you aren’t white (of the Caucasian race), please pack your foundation or whatever it is, most of these places, the make up artists are white, and have difficulty getting your shade right, it might not even be worth it paying for makeup if you know how to do it yourself. Just let them sort your hair out, and please pack braiding hair if you know before hand you need braiding hair. My sister in law gave me the braiding hair tip. My friend had to do my makeup properly for me, and unfortunately I didn’t even pack my own basic stuff, because my husband kept threatening me about only carrying one suitcase.

Our sunset ceremony was 30 minutes late instead of 5.30pm, 6pm, no I actually wasn’t late this time, the bleeding DJ was late, and the clown didn’t understand the instructions given to him. I will call him out in a different post. Dude said the cannon in d major was on my phone, so I cant even explain.

The total cost of the Zanzibar event for us the couple was about N2million inclusive of feeding for 55 guests (that’s what they charged us for). The food was fantastic – Asian buffet, and we had alcohol etc. I will help you understand how we were able to pull this off creatively in another post. Now this function was the most fantastic wedding I have been to, if I do say so myself. We had a 5.5 hour long reception, everyone ate and danced like there was no tomorrow. My Husbands cousin who was the best man is also an artist, I will not mention his name, and he took over from the DJ, with his own laptop and jamz. We could have literally rented just speakers and been fine if you know what I mean. The lousy dj was not needed for the $500 he was paid.


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  1. miss pynk I didn’t know you blogged, I just found out from Thelma’s blog, your blog is lovely. Congrats on your wedding and may you have a blessed marrriage


  2. it really sounded like fun, congrats


  3. ‘the bleeding DJ was late, and the clown didn’t understand the instructions given to him. I will call him out in a different post. ‘that made me laugh. Thank God it all turned out well in the end.


  4. Great! Congratulations!!! May God bless your marriage.


  5. congrats on your wedding, wish you and your husband a great and fulfilled life. i love the idea of a destination wedding, praying i can be able to pull that off when the time comes.


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