Wedding Over

All is done. Yippee yah yah. Wedding is over, but in the next few weeks, you are going to get quite a few wedding posts on my absolute dos and don’ts. Especially during wedding planning etc. My traditional was a halfway success; I say that because it started three hours late on a rainy environmental Saturday. Our destination wedding was simple and fabulous – 80% what we wanted and far less guests – 51 guests compared with 1200 guests in Nigeria. The picture on the post is actually us, we did catch the sunset despite a 30 minute delay – i was actually on time for this event.

I am glad to be back home, Zanzibar was quite interesting because we ended up playing coordinator for guests in terms of tickets etc. Some people wanted more than others, so obviously we couldn’t even consider a honeymoon at the same location. And for some bizarre reason folks wanted to fly in and out of Zanzibar with us- please don’t ask me because I cant understand. We had very little space to ourselves. I will post pictures once I start getting them, we have over 3000 pictures and believe it or not, none are from the professional photographers.

I will do a blow-by-blow analysis for the blog, I learnt a few things about myself planning this wedding, and I also learnt a few things about some of my friends and so called friends. Lets just say, I am re-assessing some human beings. Shout out to the people who were nuisances also through the process, believe it or not some people think its all about them, and you end up setting them straight. You just have to.

Now that I am back and regrouping, well still planning our honeymoon, I have decided to get serious with the blog and the school planning is coming full swing. I need to open by January, that’s the new timeline I set for myself, I am not interested in anymore business consulting, I just want to move on with my life and do the second most important thing to me. It’s a defining part of my life, extremely grateful to have a supportive spouse and family (some friends have become family). So it’s all coming together.

PS: We now know who “bee” is. Bee don’t run away oh. Lol.

I have officially decided to extend my acts of kindness to this blog, I really don’t know what I will be giving away each time, but I am sure I will come up with something.

For today I want to give away N1,000 credit in Nigeria (sorry readers in “the overseas” I cant help you right now) – lets see who reads this blog. Post a comment with your email and network (airtel, glo, mtn, or etisalat) by tomorrow morning, I will announce who I chose to give it to, and send the person an email with the pin code to load.

For now I am doing a lot of sleeping and clearing my head.







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  1. Love the sunset picture. Tried it on mine but didn’t work out. Network Mtn


  2. Hehehehehe. Don’t worry I shall not run. Your blog is too refreshing.

    It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful time in Zanzibar. Nothing beats an intimate wedding. The level of fun is always 10000000x turnedup.


  3. Nice one


  4. That photo is beautiful!


  5. I LOVE the picture!!! I didn’t get the sunset picture I wanted… it went from day to night in like 2 minutes – so weird!


  6. Hi,
    I’m new here but I love how real u write ,keep up the good work!


  7. Ahn ahn naa! How come I can’t see the pictures in this post? Poor me!


  8. Stunning!!! that sunset picture is simply beautiful. congrats once again.


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