The Devil

Repeat after me the devil is a liar. Lol. Why does that sound familiar? Its the Nigerian in all of us praying joor. So i last blogged on monday.  The one cargo that was air lifted correctly was damaged by forklift upon arrival here in Lagos. It had the items for my destination center pieces.  Of course they called to tell me, i panicked monday evening, but i just told myself that God makes all things right and refused to panic.
Below is the box


I had put paper towels in the box to pad the vases and stuff after bubble wrapping. Fortunately about 90% of the box was salvageable.  My initial bill for this cargo was about n29k, something told me to wait to pay for the box in lagos. I usually pay for it in advance from NY. Long story short after delivering the box above to me, the shippers took off n2k off the bill. I laugh in patois. I told the woman we were still speaking english, she came back with a n25k bill. Nigerians can sometimes be inconsiderate people and it takes being an animal to deal with them. So after 5 minutes of looking at her, my lightbulb went off. I told her i was frankly tired of their shenanigans first it was shipping box by ocean instead of air error, they cost me time even though they gave the equivalent in shipping credit,  then they damaged some of my customised items that they managed to ship. I asked her to read the tins and tell me what they are for. I told her to find a new box, repack my goods and i dropped n20k on the table and walked out.

I also made sure to warn her that if my cake stands break before they get here next week i have invoices for those, so i will be suing them from NY and will make them cry here in Lagos. They want to see demons, i can help them speed up the process. I wasn’t mad per say, just very irritable as to how they handled the matter so distastefully. Come on. I wont mention their company name for now, because they have been diligent in the past, this last cargo was just a disaster.

Nothing else is happening for now. Apparently i have a Lagos bridal shower tomorrow,  someone always lets the cat out the bag. Gotta go pick out my outfit and start practising my surprise face again. I am amazed to say sometimes it’s the people we least expect who show out the most for us. This whole wedding process is teaching me a lot about “womanity”. The basic love for another woman in terms of admiration, encouragement etc.  I truly feel blessed beyond imagination. And my maid of honor has a spa date for me on Sunday.

I pick up my dresses for my trad tomorrow after the 3rd fitting. They feel fantastic, not over the top, very very me and comfortable where i am not scared i am going to trip over and break my neck. I have some funny fears i know. I also pick up the last of my aso ebi geles. I think out of 40 pieces, i have 2 packages unsold which isnt too shabby considering my unsociable status. Lmao.

Trad is on saturday the 25th, fly out on monday for the formal on he 29th. The whole of next week i am being a woman of leisure, few errands here and there, but the bulk of stuff is done. Whatever isnt done, i cant stress myself. Lol. I do have to put together some of the vendor names for the lagos coordinator though. The coordinator met with my dad since my dad says its his wedding. Hahaha. The trad that is, they called me for my input and my response was surprise me. I am hands off on the trad- peace of mind is paramount. And i told my mom to let my dad do the work, she has done her part and she isnt in the know about the Nigerian

For my destination wedding, it dawned on me that i planned the whole thing by email. Lol. Spoke with the venue only once through the process. We are at 51 confirmed guests for a wednesday wedding, we paid up for 55. I am glad i didnt let anyone convince me to have it on a saturday. Real glad. Woulda hit 100 folks, aint nobody got time for that. Lol.

I am still working, need to finish my corporate newsletters by tomorrow, spend some girl time w my mom and just chill out with my hubstar over the weekend. Saturday is date nite at home.

After the wedding i plan to be more organised with the blog and my thoughts in general.


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  1. Oh wow! Congratulations on your marriage.


  2. Hope you are all calm and ready for your traditional. Hopefully you’ll share some pics.


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