In a Much better state of mind than my previous post

Truly I am just grateful to be feeling better. Got better after my trip to the hospital on Thursday when I got back. From excess fever to a crazy cold. My flight on virgin (second leg from London to Lagos) – I experienced barotrauma again. Its when sinus’ (sp) feel they cant drain, so it affects the nerves mostly around my forehead and eye. First time I had it in 2012, I assumed it was because I was drinking (shout out to Emirates- best airline ever – free alcohol on board and in lounge). Please don’t judge me. Lol. Anyways I stopped flying Emirates because of the experience as I felt the flights were too long and that combined with alcohol was what caused it. I repented put simply, and in the summer of 2012, my bff left Dubai anyway, so no reason to stop through – still have a few friends out there as I lived there for about 5 years, but their level of debauchery is what I am running away from. Lol. I cant drink as much and I am not interested in being drunk daily at 32, five years of 4 to 5 days a week clubbing has passed through my system. I am one of those weird people, I have kind of gotten so many things out of my system its almost ridiculous – i worked the middle East circuit for that long, think Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Abu Dhabi etc for 5 years – Yeah fun and some troubling times in the mix ( i know the difference in sound when they land), i Know what Saddam’s Palace at least 5 look like etc, i know what $12 million looks like in a safe etc. I have sat at tables with high ranking diplomats who are concerned as to why they can’t have a waffle bar in a war zone anytime the dining facility is open or being shot at in a helicopter goring from Kuwait to Basra – stories for other days. I always say don’t study me, you won’t graduate, my husband says he never wants to get in my head. I Still battle PTSD things startle me, i sleep very light, 3 to 4 hours if i am not drugged.

Anyway sorry for the digression- barotrauma is very very painful during the last 30 minutes of descent, the first time I had it, I cried so hard the Nigerian lady on the Dubai -Lagos flight held my hand, once we landed (she called the attendant to let me lay out on the floor). Once out, I went to the hospital they found nothing. The next time I tried Delta to America – no alcohol, nothing happened. Of course I was convinced it was alcohol combined with long flights etc. Nah didn’t work. 2013 same stuff happened, this time around I actually drank on the flight to “Amrika” as my husband would say, I was fine. Coming back, JFK- London I was ok, then Lagos leg it was bad, but because I know what it is, it was able to cope. It feels like fighting demons, *think pins and needles being thrown at your eye (just one eye) and the forehead above it for 30 minutes. Read up and stuff, people have come up with a low of quirky ways to deal with it, but my Dr. cousin said to just try to see if I can fall asleep the last 2 hours of the flight it might help. Said she doesn’t recommend anything because the pressure can be compounded with meds.


On to other things – Trad is two weeks away on the 25th. Nigerians are last minute people, I am just getting calls for aso ebi, when I had sold 29 pieces already before I left town. Unbelievable. I am going to do 10 more, will send my housekeeper to pick up lace for 10 people from the guy in the market- always pay by internet banking, and I don’t feel like entering the market after my mother in law was robbed. I’ll pass thank you. Ordered the aso oke from the weaver, should get that Tuesday or so. I have been reading people’s comments on weddings, nothing goes 100%, so I am not too worried. If I tell you I don’t remember what the cake I ordered looks like, you wont believe, my sister in law is a baker, she was asking me something, I told her to do whatever she likes including the desserts. I am just trying to make sure I have all my clothes and right accessories packed in the same luggage. My thing is so long as folks eat; drink (if possible go home a bit tipsy – not if they are driving oh). I am not too much for structure; I just want everyone to have a good time.


As for the formal, the décor stuff is sorted, but Nigerians are still trying to book tickets for last minute, had to cut off the guest list. I know people love us and would like to come, but we need a final headcount to finish paying for the event on the 29th. We are at about 45 guests – an allowance for 5 randoms (51) and we still haven’t decided on our honeymoon. Not even sure we have one at this rate, it’s true that the year one marries is the most challenging financially sha. We might be going somewhere but considering husband has a Nigerian passport with US and UK visa’s there isn’t going to be a fly off the wall destination. I haven’t gotten a chance to go to Singapore or Japan or the Maldives; I want one of those places. Wouldn’t mind Greece or Italy either. And he is partial towards “developed” countries, because of banged up abroad series, hahaha. I love third world countries, I was trying to convince him we should do a mini Asia tour, Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia etc. – I have been to all, and I swear when I say you cannot spend $2000 in 1 week doing anything in terms of spending money. Asia is hospitality galore.


Oh and yeah I think I have a bridal shower coming up this week. The last minute hangers on have been telling me they are collecting their aso ebi this weekend. Hahaha. And many people have been giving me backlash for having a bridal shower and them not knowing about it. Had to keep explain it was in NY organized by my Jamaican aunts, my Guyanese sis in-law and her mom in conjunction with my college girlfriends, they did invite my Nigerian cousins but they didn’t come as they live out of state and are coming to Lagos for the Trad. Hahaha, I am surprised that many people like me sha, I am very flattered, I will better behaved going forward – Brownie’s honor.


Quagmire of the wedding – I don’t know what hairstyle to get for the formal ceremony, I am really on the fence as I don’t want to get a weave and risk my allergies being triggered, my husband is pushing for “big hair” he met me with my “fro” and I think that’s what he fell in love with, but my veil is a cathedral veil (something borrowed), so I don’t think a fro will work, have looked at natural hair brides on instagram, I don’t have that real afro that will stand up, and my hair is only APL, so not sure what to do. I am accepting suggestions please. I also recently discovered ORS – leave in conditioner, curl defining crème and curl boosting Jelly, I am vexed as to why I didn’t buy the entire line, but then again I have liters of shampoo and rinse out conditioner – I think I am a product junkie when it comes to my hair, but this finally works. I got a blow dry and a 2 inch chop as I am trying to get rid of my relaxed hair slowly but surely.



I am currently addicted to the overproof riddim mix by yunglegendzEnt – every now and then I remember I am Jamaican. One of My Jamaican aunt’s who doesn’t travel, wants to send down black cake for our destination event, I am worried I will keep the cake at home and eat it alone. Lol. My husband tore up the spice bun I brought back a whole freaking loaf, I had to do a double take – my mother must not know I brought back spice bun and “she aint get none”. Hahaha. He was asking when he could get beef patties, and if I could make spice bun…. Yes I can but discussion for another day. I could actually be a Caribbean caterer as a hobby.


My Random act of kindness are still going, I didn’t forget, but I have gotten to the point I stopped keeping track.






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  1. Safe trip. Great wedding. Beautiful start. Perfect happenings. Those are my prayers for you.

    You’re wedding on my daughter’s birthday. ;). God bless the day and make it perfect for you and yours. And I think you should get your mum the spice bun too….


  2. Oh my days. How am I just discovering your site? My hair loves the ORS line of products. Going to read the rest of the posts especially on the wedding. 50 guests in Zanzibar. Sounds divine


    • Hi Uzo welcome. My sis in law put me onto them. I am just too scared to let go of the other products in my closet since i spent money on them. The plan is to use up all my alter ego and biolage within a year or so and then do my big chop in june and get the full line.


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