Ring the Alarm

Ring the Alarm

Hmm so I spoke too soon when I rejoiced over being done with wedding stuff. I was quite ecstatic actually. I had dropped of my cargo on Thursday 3 boxes – one entire box was personal effects, one box was wedding and a third box was wedding and personal. I went to the cargo place I have been using for the last 5 or so years. I was going to ship the personal box by ocean and the other two by air, please don’t judge me, it was about $120 cheaper than if I did it all by air.


On Friday morning I got a call from the cargo place, in their hurry to push out my ocean with the container going out on Friday morning, they packed the mixed box and the personal box as ocean, the container had gone to the port. Now I had mentioned previously that I had to do my own wedding décor as the sole decorator on the island where I am having my formal wasn’t responsive and I didn’t want to take the chance. Anyways, I figured I could do 7 tables, cake table and couples table – mostly centerpieces as the resort provides tablecloth, plates and the basics. Now this mistake meant half of my effort would get to Lagos at the end of the month, my formal is on the 29th of October. I didn’t know when I simply started crying. It wasn’t even really the money, it was the effort that went into the stuff, the running around, the fact that I could finally go to like Woodbury commons upstate NY and buy my husband a Movado watch from the outlet and engrave it as his wedding gift for the day. But no, while God is working, the devil too apparently is working; we just pray it’s not in our lives. So I had to get back 7 vases, as I was only able to count five in the full wedding box- they held onto the box for me to see what was in it and sort of do a count. They were extremely apologetic, and after I stopped crying I figured what is done is done anyways. They comp’d me about $200 in ocean and air cargo, I still get the mistake box whenever it gets in- so I will just figure out who to give the stuff to.

I spent my entire weekend redoing the centerpieces and changing one or two things around. One of my brothers is coming up from Lag and he is coming back with my brother who lives in NY, so they have offered to check in the items as part of their luggage, so it will get to Lagos before the traditional on the 25th. All hope isn’t lost. And I have an awesome support network, God has truly blessed me, from SB who took the time to drive to every story and sit with me and glue down stuff to my 4 year old nephew who helped glue the sparkles on my aso oke head tie to my sis in law, my brothers, everybody is awesome. I know its easy to lose faith in humanity, but there are many great people out there.


I miss my husband, it’s been 12 days, and this might be the longest we have been apart. He has gotten sick already, he accused me of not leaving him food. When I cook he complains I am making him fat. Lol. I stopped by the Jamaican store to get him a loaf of spice bun (my mother must not hear about it, if not she will be at my house daily until that thing finishes).


Awesome possum, my sister in law who threw me the bridal shower with my friends is having black cake made for me for my formal. I might end up not sharing the cake. Lol. Black cake is the first love of my life, surprise I am not live damaged at this point. On a side note, my maternal grandpa was an alcoholic, so maybe that’s where that comes from. I don’t drink much these days. Oh yeah and my awesome friends took me out to City Island – went by Sammy’s, it was a very nice way to cheer me up after the disaster that happened.


I can’t wait to get back home just to hang with my hubstar and throw some food on our grill and just sit on the balcony. NY wasn’t very kind to me this time because I had to run around so much. Hoping to make it back up by December, my sister in law is having a baby boy, I have only nephews, one of my other sister in laws is due with twins in March next year, maybe there is a girl there somewhere. All my three brothers have one son each, while 2 wives are pregnant. Everyone keeps saying I am going to have the girl. Lol. We’ll see.


Oh “chea” I got so cheap that I discovered that even Western Union has coupons. Say what, Nigeria they are just ripping us off for everything man. I paid $7.50 (instead of $15) to send $200 to the hairdresser for my formal, something about their bank not working well, it’s a hairdresser recommended by the resort, and so I am not worried. Today I went to Lord and Tailor outlet, I keep saying it, the whiter the neighborhood, the better the deals. I Found clothes for my 1 year old godson for $4.50 for t-shirt and shorts set, and little pretty dresses for my mother in laws cook’s daughter and her drivers daughter- both have 4 month olds. Also bought t-shirts for my nephews from my husband’s side. And oh yeah I found two decent shoes for my mom – silver and gold sandals with little heels for $50 – good brands, so I am excited.


I am off on Wednesday morning, probably going to be offline for a bit. I found out that I have to order 10 more asoebi. I did 30 pieces and they are all gone. I am wondering if I really know that many people. Ha. I have called the guy, will send my housekeeper to go pick the stuff up, I can’t enter balogun – I have no power right now. I plan on trying to sleep on Thursday and then start with the madness again on Friday.





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  1. Oh wow…….It’s officially time for goodluck to start rolling in. At least you are surrounded by good people that help you balance off some of the setbacks.

    For designer watches, you can check out jomashop.com they usually have some good deals.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures from your wedding. I wish I had creative genes flowing in my blood. DIY makes sense for weddings if you have enough time.

    Safe travels.


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