Pretty Much Done

I have accomplished about 80% of what I came to NY to do, and most of it has been within a reasonable budget. I am exhausted as I have just concluded my first week in this town, one more week to go, which I plan on doing more relaxing and just tidying up the edges. Had to make several judgement calls on items I purchased.

Let me start with my formal wedding. So right I announced that my house caught fire, hubby’s car pafukad, watch stolen at owode market etc. So things got financially tighter, a lot tighter. I had to scrap certain items, was going to do a candy bar for the traditional wedding, took that off completely, our bands I got both for under $600 from the diamond district. The guy who sold my engagement ring to my husband even insulted me because I told him the rings he was pulling were to expensive. He said something along the lines of “you have an expensive engagement ring with blah blah clarity and you are looking for a cheap ring”? I just wanted to compliment my engagement ring, since my husband insisted I get a band – never been a fan of multiple rings. With the school coming up real soon, I also can’t wear my engagement ring to work, a little too non-functional for my liking. So I got the tiniest row of diamonds I could find on a super skinny band. Very very me. I got it from the store next-door “Picos” if you are ever in NY, please check them out on W47th street. The chic was way too kind.

With that said, the decorator/ florist on the island where we are getting married, never responded to my calls or emails. So I chose to do the décor myself. We have at best 70 guests- 7 tables, the cake table and the couple’s table. Each table cost about $8 to do, see below. Paper pompoms at the top. By the way there is only one florist for the entire island. Shior. So for 7 tables, $8 per table, and the cake table was $16, and the couple’s table was $20. I also got pull bows and fake petals for the ceremony area in silver to sprinkle down the walkway for about $20, a guestbook, mints etc. With room for error, lets say I spent about $200 on décor and bouquets. See my $30 bouquet below. All this was made possible by my talented sis in law and my college bff who has finally started an event design co after years of planning people’s events for free.









All in all total, I think I have spent about $1600 on wedding stuff, and I am done done done. I am still couponing for household items though. I am allergic to full price items, I just cant.

The shower was a success. I was able to act surprised. Lo and Behold, I am a better actress than I realize. Even when I saw the pictures I was like “waow” like Nigerians would say. Lol. All else is well, need to complete a small consulting job by tomorrow, today is supposed to be rest day, but I doubt that is happening. I just feel the need to get all things done, and then start resting.

Thanks for all your comments, it feels good to know that I am not just a crazy applied mathematician writing and no one knows what I am writing about.





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  1. Madam crazy applied mathematician, 🙂 we have the same thoughts on rings. Lol at your allergy. Allergy, indeed! 😉 Every woman needs to have/suffer from this allergy.

    May God bless the day for you send keep you and yours in His great joy.


  2. Woman . I would have preferred the nitty gritty details after the wedding …and after seeing everything in place . You are spoiling the surprise / effect


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