What are the Chances

What are the chances that I wouldn’t blog in this long? As I blog right now I am mentally exhausted. Wedding planning, a few other things. Le husband and I had been procrastinating on taking pre wedding pictures; I think that is what they are called. Finally we got around to doing it, we were even too lazy to leave the comfort of our apartment, and so we decided to take the pictures in there on Saturday. Why did we hear a loud bang coming from the laundry room where the inverter was? We had a house fire at 7pm by the time we were concluding the second of 3 looks. Husband and his friend who was taking the pictures quickly got the extinguisher and put out the fire. So our inverter has pafukad- N700k to replace it. The guy who did the wiring apparently used substandard wiring, that’s what, caught fire. Thank God we were home, because if not our house would have burnt down. My husband works from home a lot as it is calming for him – he has HBP and severe migraines, so the whole thing has been destabilizing.

Did some running around between Sunday and Monday. Also tried to tidy up on Tuesday, pay all the deposits for our destination formal wedding, why did I end up with two flat tires on Tuesday? As I was getting ready to call my husband about it, he called me. Apparently I drove over a bunch of bolts somewhere; they pulled two bolts from my two front tires. Fortunately I was parked in front of the GTbank on CMD road in Magodo when it happened. As I picked up my husband’s call he gave me the guess what? His car wouldn’t start, the transmission gave in, and the car had to be towed. Mercedes gave him a n1.7m bill to fix it.

By wednesday I had to leave town to head to NY. My husband was visibly offended he couldn’t give me money to complete certain things, and I had to tell him it was ok, and I would make do with what I had. Thank God I have some small money sense. I have been able to do the most important things in the 2 days I have been here. My husband also got robbed of his watch in owode when he went to look for Tokunbo transmission – he found one for n1.1m. Apparently the transmission is the lifeline of the car.

I suspect my NY family members and friends are having a bridal shower for me today. My cousin mistakenly slipped and no one seems to be available to do anything today. Issok. I am getting them.

I have gotten some amazing bargains; I found the dress for my maid of honor for $60 from $225. And I also am borrowing my Sis-in-laws veil as my something borrowed. My college bestie is making me my calla Lily silk flower bouquet with Aqua ribbons for my something blue. I know awesome people I tell you. My favors are getting done by friends and family, barely putting out anything for those. All these need to be crag0’d by Friday next week. God day sha.

I fitted my dress, and I felt like a princess, but all the other external financial stressors make me wonder if the timing for the wedding was right, or it’s just that when it rains it pours? Joy must cometh in the morning. My mother in law was also robbed in the Balogun market a few days back. You know when you say you are tired? Today I am going to the hairdresser and nail shop, also going to pick up a few beauty items. Gonna get a nice trim, maybe a color- I am not decided yet as my grey hairs are sprouting with a vengeance. This natural hair journey isn’t an easy one, but I believe half the struggle is in finding the best products for my hair. I have sort of given up on cantu, I either need to use them or give them to someone, but I don’t even know of who to give, maybe I should search myself.

I am looking to try ORS curls unleashed. I just want a good product range that is reliable and inexpensive at this point.

I swear when I think I want to write about a particular topic, I always manage to derail. My husband says my attention span is like a 5 year old. I am the person that can’t watch TV alone. I play solitaire or I am tempted to knit. The only thing I do by itself is read, I can’t read with distractions.

PS: wish me luck on the rest of my shopping, and I will remember to act surprised at my shower. LMAO! Also forgive my absence, it has literally been one hell of a week.





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  1. Was wondering why you abandoned us. OMG so sorry to hear about all the unfortunate things happening to your fam all of a sudden. just breathe!!!!!!! Be thankful, and remember, it can only get better from here.

    I’m really convinced you can’t be a naija babe, def not a lagos babe. Love your i’ll make it work attitude esp when it comes to managing money. Your husband is definitely a blessed man.

    Lol @ acting surprised at the shower. There’s always 1 person that slips. Well hope you had a good time.


  2. This (the stress) too shall pass, dwell not on it though; rather, choose to see fun in all that happens till the wedding day. You will only ‘pass’ this road once.

    Congratulations, will be in order.


  3. Mnnn robbed in Balogun ke. That’s one of my fave places to shop for fabric and it always seemed quite peaceful . I trust she is well and not too traumatized any way and your husband also


  4. Aww…sorry about the losses.
    I’m glad in your behalf about the bargains you got. I LOVE bargains!


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