Owning my 30s

So my husband likes to sleep with the tv on, waking up at bizzare times like this is the side effect. I decided i have neglected the blog for too long lately.

Yesterday was my college best friend’s birrhday. So we were discussing how far we have come. From age 19 to 32, the things we are unapologetic about, and that perfection is a figment of life’s imaginations. Pretty much you dont expect to have the horrible dating experiences, failed marriages, work trials, broken friendships,  financial hardships and more. We generally struggled with the aforementioned, but we both concluded that it laid the ground work for the women we are today. Many of those things if not taken in stride can make one bitter, very bitter and 30s would end up being miserable.


On another note, now every blogger is starting to wonder what they are soing wrong, since Linda Ikeji has annouced she bought a n24 million 2014 range rover. Linda carry her own version of everything, we arent all equal, myself for instance i wont blog what linda blogs about. And you know it is really just her time to reveal in success,  one thing i havr learnt is money is a visitor, learn to treat is with respect and it will work for you. I want to start doing giveaways on the site, but i dont know how many readers there are. My acts of kindness needs to extend to the blog. I have a few things brand new that i want to let go of, hopefully logistics will be in my favour. And we can make the whole process fun while at it. Too many sad stories.

Finally gave my clothes to the tailor, phink Afrique. Of all the 3 Nigerian designers i contacted,  only one contacted me in return.  I will just assume that my email went to spam, let me not judge folks. Phunk Afrique had a very relaxed atmosphere, her friends were in the shop with her. Prices a bit on the high side, i didnt tell her the stuff was for my wedding though, dont need bills getting any higher. I also gave my local tailor my iro and buba to make for the buba for my aso oke wrapper.
I accomplished what i set out to do with my clothes,  i am fully dressed – all 3 outfits for under $1,000.00 – fabric, accessories (some borrowed some mine), shoes and purses (one old pair previously worn once and 2 new pairs), tailoring and aso oke costs.

I also have my appointment with the makeup artist on friday. I am proud of myself really and truly, cos i was wondering how i was going to pull things off. Makeup @ N50k for the entire day, all others were quoting n70k and one quoted n150k as daily rates. Lol.

My wedding souvenirs have also started rolling in. A friend and her husband dropped off 300 notebooks (it says courtesy brides family), another friend is having 100 engraved gold tins with mints in them,  placed in fuschia bags. So i am going to go gift bags for 100 young people, with these items. Another friend wants to do prayer booklets too. So going to add pens, pocket sized sanitizers and maybe plastic style mugs. Going to idumota and holloway today with my mom to get some more stuff.

Kindess acts i can remember
Sunday – gave the older yellow fever lady a tip.and also gave my manicurist a bag full of clothes. She has been asking me for the last 2 years for anything i dont want. Lol. Also dropped off candy for my friend.

Monday i was home sick didnt leave home.

Tuesday helped a friend run an errand.



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  1. lol…yes o we all can’t be like Linda and please do a giveaway 🙂

    Iponri (Surulere) is also another excellent spot for souvenirs


  2. Your unfaithfulness to the blog……. I’ll let pass because of the wedding.:) eku palemo.

    All is falling in place, thanks to God.


  3. Every single thing that happened yesterday “…laid the ground work for…” what is today. It simply means tomorrow can be as bright as we want it. Today defines tomorrow.


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