So it just seems like I am in the middle of everything wedding planning. Aaw shucks. Somehow I like it, somehow I don’t like it. I am a bit indecisive about the process. I have crazy long lists of to do’s and to finish picking up my fabrics/ clothes for the traditional. All my Aso oke’s have been ordered already, will do the bejeweling part myself. Did I say this wedding was on a budget? As in serious things oh.


Finally decided on my color scheme. The bride colors are Gold and Fuchsia – I have a very unhealthy fascination with the color pink. And the groom’s side is teal blue and fuchsia. We didn’t want too much color riot sha. My aso ebi for the ladies is fuchsia cord lace with Fuchsia, baby pink and gold aso oke head tie – crantex. Same cap for the younger men. My moms Aso ebi for her senior crew is Fuchsia and gold organza with Yellow gold and Fuchsia aso oke head and shoulder. Lol.


I have also decided on my outfits – first outfit is totally black and white with gold jewelry. Aso oke head and shoulder black with white pearls and white base rapper with black hand cut aso oke at the foot. The aso oke cost me N30k total ( in the market same aso ok is about n60K). Sssssh don’t tell anybody. I am buying white lace to make my buba – probably going to buy a full 4 or 5 yards and sew full iro and buba I can rock later. Aka church thanksgiving things. Lol. And you can never go wrong with white I say. My second outfit is fuchsia & gold George (judge as some people call it) to signify my Edo-ness – paid N10k for 5 yards, will sew it into a simple tube dress since I am wearing all those bead things over it anyways. And my friend’s mother has offered me the coral beads for no cost, so I will gladly wear them and return them after the wedding. Lol. My last outfit is the dilemma sort of now in terms of how to go about it. I have ordered the aso oke – sanyan aka onjawu, the thread one in cobalt blue. I have found fabric I like, but its about n24k and I am trying to see how to either get one of these aspiring designers or designers who can give me a deal on fabric and sewing. But I worry they will want upwards of n40k for the outfit. Still on the fence. Will make a decision by Thursday sha. I like April by Kunbi but I am not sure we can talk price. Lol. I know many others who you pay for the vision, but they don’t actually sew. IF you know of any good people please drop the contact in the comment section. I Don’t want to pay the money I would use to buy school items on sewing something I am unlikely to wear again.


So those are the outfits for the traditional. My Vera Wang is sorted out, I am seeing the seamstress for my veil in about two weeks. I AM GOING TO AMERICA. Lol. I know you are thinking what’s the big deal, but that’s how I get when I am travelling to New York. Kind of sad because I was born there and went to university there, that’s home to a large extent, but I always get really excited to go to NY. Maybe its that feeling of being able to go in and out. My husband thinks I am a bush girl. Lol. I never sleep whenever he surprises me with a ticket, don’t worry its economy class, but I AM GOING TO AMERICA. LOL.


So on to Zanzibar, tell me why the decorator isn’t responding? My oh my, I was like you know what, instagram to the rescue. Apparently the guy is the key decorator on the island. Tell me something please. I am having a wedding for 60 to 100 guests, at best, 10 guests per table. Since I am going to be in America, I might as well do the décor myself for under $400, we are going to use false white roses in blinged out Aqua boxes and silver picture frames for the table numbers. I am also going to find votives and floral table runners in Aqua. I have to do a max of 10 tables plus the couple’s table and cake table. I have booked one suitcase from each of my close guests to carry the load. Won’t be challenging like that once I cargo the stuff to Lagos.


Weekend was a bit nice, an old college friend from NY got married, décor was a bit over the top for me though, I am a less is more kind of person. And I wasn’t feeling the “Chinese” food. Nigeria’s Chinese food is way different from any thing else in the world, that’s commentary for another day though. On Sunday, Saw my besto and my maid of honor, she finally bought her ticket yesterday to Zanzibar, she has been feeling a bit down since she broke up with her French boyfie “maxipad” – my nickname for him. I just think he is a good guy, she is a an even greater woman, but they aren’t good together. Just my thought, and I don’t want to hook her up with any typical Nigerian guys, because I don’t think she is culturally in tune. Her dad is half Nigerian, Half Scottish her mom is Filipina. She was born in Germany and lived there for her first 13 years of life, and even sometimes when I say stuff to her in English she blinks first. Language barrier. I remember there was a pitbull song that she liked, and she thought the guy was singing about lollipops, really and he was alluding to other things. Lol. But I love her to pieces, we met in Dubai in 2005 and ever since then, we have been like A and B. And she is awesome – she can cook now – apple crumble and salad. Progress. She has even picked out her dress, we settled on a style at least, Aqua ankle length dress with some sparkles so she can wear flats, she wobbles in high heels, and so I wouldn’t put her through that.


Let me Report myself

Random act of Kindness-

Thursday I fell off the wagon. I think I was home feeling sorry for myself. It happens sometimes. Lol.

Friday – was a very hectic day, I was all over the place. It was the day that I asked why I still lived in Nigeria, the ATM first “swallowed my card” fortunately it was an ebranch with someone behind, waited 20 minutes to get it back. Then got to another Gtbank couldn’t access cash, then tried to do a transfer, between etisalat and gtbank’s website, something or somebody was playing with my feelings. Toor. I moved on still. Then my mechanic was also late, my car had some mild drama. Its fixed now, thank goodness. I managed to tip the estate guards by my parent’s estate. So that was my random act.

Saturday – wedding things. I don’t go to a lot of parties, but as soon as I walked in and sat down, one of the drinks people came to greet me. I didn’t even remember him, somehow I decided I was drinking only Rose. Lol. The guy apparently did about 3 parties for my family in 4 years, and is doing my traditional also as a server. I tipped him something also.

Sunday– I drove le Besto to the salon to go and do keraste or something to her hair. White people stuff. Lol. Me I have given up on hair treatments, I wash my hair at home with alter ago products and call it a day. And I gave my mom a bag of M& M’s.








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  1. The colors sound like a beautiful mix…..hopefully you’ll post some pics on here 🙂

    Ah decorator disappearing!!!say what?? Nice you have a back up plan (aspa shopping in yankers). Now you just have to recruit folks to help you set up on the day of.

    Girl I always say, its always worth the try to ask. If you like April by Kunbi, just ask her. She might be in a good mood, she might like the smile on your face, something might just allow her work with your budget. Just ask. A friend of mine just got one of the big name naija photogs to cut his price in half for her wedding.Try your luck girl.


    • Thanks Bee. I am going to try april by kunbi. Fingers crossed. I will post pix likely after the events. A friend has been teasing me to do an article on how to get married on a budget in Nigeria. Lol


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