Somethings Just don’t make sense

It was all good till Tuesday afternoon when I started receiving emails. The 2014 WAEC results for Nigeria are out. Now you like everybody else is wondering why it’s my business, I joined the Education committee at NESG (Nigerian Economic Summit Group). The goal of the committee is to address the challenges faces Education and how they can be worked on through private-public partnerships. It also gives a good sense of the educational layout in Nigeria; I start things every so often for selfish reasons and then I get emotionally involved. The WAEC results for 2014 are posted below.


This came from one of the members of the committee with the image above. My comments are in italics. We have a meeting slated for 11am this morning, and somehow all I want to do is cry. I don’t remember when education deteriorated to this sad level and if a decent education is tied to private schools, what is the hope for the country?
– Just a couple of quick findings
1. Females are doing better than males in WAEC. (Girls tend to study more than boys granted, but what are the boys doing? I don’t believe they have started engaging in illegal activities at that age, so what is the distraction)
2. Anambra for 2 consecutive years have the best performance in WAEC. They must be doing something right. (A committee member came back with a response that electronic and paper copies of past examinations were disseminated to the students in the state. could this be the sole reason?)
3. The South East is now the educational power-horse based on this result. This is getting very consistent – (education isn’t improving nationwide, is it just shifting in terms of quality?)
4. Only 6 states have more than 50 % of the candidates having 5 credits: Anambra, Abia, Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers and Enugu. The South South is doing well these days. Edo, Bayelsa and Rivers did better than all the states in the North and the South West. The South West is losing out in education. While the SW may be presenting more students for examinations, they are NOT doing so well. If the dead can cry, Awo will be crying now.
5. The North still lags behind. The worst 13 states in performance are all from the North. Kano is the one that confuses me. Kano has more people than Lagos state based on Census figures. While Lagos state had about 146, 000 people writing WAEC, Kano had about 66, 000. (The North is part of Nigeria, ethnic sentiments aside, their lack of access to quality education is reflective on the massive divide between the few haves and many have nots. There also appears to be a sense of entitlement to the presidency or rather (throne) *sarcasm*. “For everyone you pull up, there is one less person dependent on you”. Why isn’t the North coming up? Even the US government is offering about $300,000 in annual grants for any educational organization involved in the Northern states.)

So my take on this whole thing is that we are in trouble, very serious trouble. Have you tried recruiting University graduates? You see some CVs and you want to weep, some people feel because they have that diploma, they deserve a job. The English is to die for half the time, and not in a good way. I have been receiving CVs for TMS – and even though it is starting out as a crèche/ Nursery, I am extremely cautious of who I try to employ. And I am coming to the realization that likely all of them will require additional sensitization before they begin work. Something has to give. I am not keen on going to import teachers; even the costs are ridiculous doing that.

I am of the firm belief that a lot of issues when it comes to education are foundational, and it is starting to appear as though, if you aren’t willing to pay an arm and a leg, the likelihood of your child getting an actual education is slim or next to none. Despite pegging my tuition at a lower rate than schools in the same vicinity, I know I can do some things differently. God give me the strength to be able to set up a smaller non-profit school in the Fadeyi area by next year. No, once again its not purely altruism, because when your kids and my kids graduate from high end schools, the biggest threat to their life is their uneducated or undereducated peer. If you doubt me, look around you, all you have to do is read the news, how many graduates are unemployed, how many are underemployed, how many are roaming the streets. Then you can now touch on the uneducated folks.

Despite folks generally making noise about an infrastructure deficit, even if the infrastructure is brought up to date, do we have the intellectual infrastructure? Someone on the committee rightfully stated “By and large, there is a collective skills gap (students, teachers, and administrators) thus the output is a justification that the sector needs urgent attention if the negative trajectory must stop”, while another stated her school has opted for Cambridge and some other foreign exams. Lagos state got funding from the World Bank in the last few years for education, I don’t quite remember how much, but has it been effective?

Ten percent of Nigeria’s budget for 2014 is dedicated to education, more than defense got thankfully, but is it enough? Are there people pilfering these funds? If they are, they are threatening our collective existence at this point, because if the children cant even pass the basic exams set for them, are we going to just continue consuming everything produced by our friend China? We are not even a manufacturing power, talk less of an intellectual power. I always tell people one thing, no matter how bad the U.S is, they have mastered the art of using their intellectual prowess combined with heavy-duty marketing. They conceptualize the products, China makes them, so who has the power?

I am tired. Wedding planning is going as good as can be, everyone seems to want something different and I am just singing falalalalalaala in my head. Lol.

Tuesday – went to the aso oke weaver and my mom. My mother says she is making household soap now, I don’t ask, I told her to bring it and paid. Lol. I cant with my mom sometimes. She is a cottage industry specialist. Also gave the kids at the weavers place some bags of M&M’s I had in the house. I am on a diet that is not a diet – I can’t explain that statement.

Wednesday – random act of kindness – My housekeeper nailed herself a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner set, and a suitcase. I am shifting towards a minimalist lifestyle. I am not too sure why, but it happens every couple of months.

Today I have a few errands to run, wedding related mostly. Tomorrow I will do debt collection for all the people that owe me money.



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  1. The most fearful thing is the quality of education the ‘public schools’ are giving to tomorrow’s leaders.

    Morals, laziness….

    Yet, we simply cannot afford to lose hope.


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