Awesome Friday and an interesting Saturday.

We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole.

I am watching Oprah’s master class again this Sunday afternoon. I woke up at 11.45am, I think my husband just left me to sleep.

Let me tell the story of my Awesome Friday. Bee one of the awesome readers and commenters on this blog here had offered to contribute something to the school. And she initially offered cash, but as you know I am planning a wedding. I am constantly worried about mis-use of funds as I think its easy to get carried away by wedding planning and doing things and paying for things that are relevant on the quality of one’s marriage. I told her equipment would be better, I didn’t mind gently used items.

Bee and I communicated via email. And her friend sent me a text with info on picking up items. Silly me figured I would go there with my Xterra ( I justify owning this car because it is rugged and can carry load). Men when I got there I was overwhelmed by emotions. To think that complete strangers were so kind to me, I am forever grateful. I got more than I bargained for and Bee and Bees friend – I say a wonderful thank you. May God continue to replenish you, may he provide for you and all of yours beyond what you ask him for. I had to move the stuff 2 times – that just to say how much stuff I got. Whenever people try to get discouraged and say oh they don’t keep friends, they don’t trust people, they don’t blah blah blah- I say there are good people everywhere. We are human beings and we are all our brothers and sisters keepers. Blogs have always helped me meet interesting people, and I can truly say it’s amazing.

I think also one think that helps me is I don’t really have a sense of danger, I am not one of those people that believe that they will kidnap me when I get there or anything and God has been faithful all through. May we not miss the helpers God has sent to us, and may we also be good helpers to those he has sent us to.

My random act on Friday was I gave my housekeeper N200 to buy credit, and I gave people whole helped me load and offload stuff small change. I also ran an errand to daviva for my mother in law and she was downish – the rain got into her house, and it wasn’t too nice.

My Saturday was interesting – my husband was the best man at his friends’ wedding. His friend is his high school friend and also a family friend. So it was an all day events – got to see the behind the scenes wahala and kinks that had to be sorted out. It went ok at the end of the day. I see why Nigerians say you turn a profit at your wedding, one person alone gave them N2m and more rolled in. lol. Its true to marry is profitable, maybe I should change my attitude. Lol. I don’t think so.

My random act of kindness for Saturday was helping my sister in-law carry the 50 pound cake. She is a baker, so she made the awesome cake. We cut it up and served it. Also helped pack it and tidy up etc. I left my husband at the wedding at 7pm, I guess that’s another random act of kindness, I loaned him out for the day if I can say so.

My excitement about the wedding is building up, I want to help my maid of honor pick her Aqua dress before the week runs out. I also still have to find a decorator for Zanzibar, I am straddling a breakfast at tiffany’s theme or an ocean theme with seashells and stuff – colors are Aqua and silver. Its right by the ocean and in typical fashion, Nigerians don’t want to RSVP, my husband and I have decided to go ahead and pay for 60 guests though. I am sure it will all work out, I really don’t want to struggle and become obsessed with the planning at all. Kai.



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  1. You are braver than I am oh. When it comes to Lagos, I always opt for public places when meeting people I don’t know.

    A big amen to all of your prayers. My friend and I receive the blessings well well oh. Thanks a bunch. I wish you all the best with your school

    And you should be excited about your wedding. 60 people sounds beyond awesome. I’ve always loved the idea of intimate weddings (no fronting, everyone interacts and has fun together). I wish I can pull something like that. But my mother might just start crying that i want to finish her. lol

    btw-check your email


    • Hey Bee will check the email. Once again thanks a lot. My sesnse of danger is non existent until after the incidence. I am not even sure its bravery or stupidity, but whatever it is, God has always seem me through, and has used it to bring wonderful people my way.

      There is always a way to get your way as per small weddibgs. Nigerians have multiple functions, someone like my dad likes to think he spends money sensibly, that was the way to push zanzibar on him. Also told him we the couple would pay. We also put it on a wednesday to deter the randoms looking for a holiday. We have allowed him to take full control of the trad as I am an only daughter of 4 kids. The event manager for the trad calls my dad before he calls me. mom is doing the oyinbo ” why the fuss” and taking a back seat as ususl. Lol


  2. Our actions of today creates the sweet memories of tomorrow.


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