No I didn’t forget to blog. lol. I was running around on Thursday accept my apologies, I have accepted my own apology. lol.

Started out pretty interesting, my husband thought we were fighting on Thursday morning. I really don’t know why, all I said to him was to make sure he calls the guy who replaced my windshield since it was leaking. But I said it with aggression because the rain got into my car when I parked it at his parents house. Sometimes a little bit of crazy gotta come out for folks to take things seriously. I wasn’t fighting him though, i try to take the high road, key word being try.

My Wednesday random act of kindness – I “dashed” my housekeeper N100 for credit.

So on to Lagos Island, let me first state that I used to work in an office that was located in one of the bank buildings in Marina. I left in 2012, you would think people would have forgotten me. Oh boy I get proven wrong every time I go there. From the moment I turned into the lot across from UBA house, skinny bros was shouting “Aunty Oyinbo aah welcome, long time”. Lol. That was a N100 shout out I reckon, my favorite line is please buy minerals. Why did it ever get called minerals anyway? Or soft drink?

I move further into the lot, ticket agent too – “aunty oyinbo longest time”. I finally make it to my parking row, I see baba Ibeji – there is never parking at 11am, but leave your car key with this dude and he will find parking. He found me parking and helped me call baba Ngozi. I know this thing sounds like a Yoruba movie, story of my life. Baba Ngozi proceeds to shout that I lost too much weight, Baba Ngozi is at a minimum 60, he washes cars in the lot, and he has to wear a yellow t-shirt, my goodness, his shirt said “peace & f*ck” I had to ask him if he read the shirt before he wore it. I am not sure he can read though. Lol. I told him to wash my car inside and outside very very well.

I moved on to the market, and got to pick up my Edo cap for my 2nd outfit. I crossed over to see Vinny my lace guy to pick up the aso ebi for the wedding. That went fairly well. Time to move on and I asked for an alabaru (load carrier) to help me to the car from New Balogun Plaza. Given that the distance was barely 10 minutes, when I asked her how much she wanted, she said anything I give her. I gave her N400, I know the going rate is about N200. This woman knelt down and prayed for me. She even told me to greet my husband and kids- must have been the iro and buba I was wearing.

I hollered at my homegirl who still works in the marina (sounds classy yeah)? While I was on the sidewalk chatting with my friend, masquerade showed up with cane in front of me. I realized I use to be scared of them when I was little, but now, I just shout at them in Yoruba and they move on. I am not going to give any miscreant in a costume my money, I am sorry but I just refuse to. Right after that, one KAI officer came to hug me, she said ha aunty you just abandoned us, “orobo (my friends nickname) didn’t tell you I always ask of you”? I cant with these people in a good way though. So I dropped off her asoebi, gisted for a bit. I now ran into my crack dealer (plantain chips supplier), I controlled myself and bought 5 packs sha. Lol.

My random act of kindness for Thursday was dashing baba ibeji –N200 and overpaying baba Ngozi and the alabaru, and also DW’s cake. I also bought Awin aka lick lick – that black velvet fruit thingy with the orange inside for my husband. He loves it, so i shell them and pack them in ziplock bags for him. that took about 2 hours when i got home.

I moved on by 2.30pm to go to my sister in-law’s place to pick up a cake for my friend DW. A small cake because when I spoke to her earlier in the day, and she just sounded downers, so I put together a small gift for her with the cake. She swears I made her day as her bf is in the UK. We spent time and watched a Yoruba movie. Funny stuff.

I got home around 8pm and was totally exhausted but fulfilled. All I can say about Thursday was that is was one helluva day and it was excellent.

I will report on my Friday in a bit I Promise. Its one of those posts I have to settle down to write. Whoever said good people are not remaining on earth lied. All I want to say for now is shout out to Bee and Bee’s friend – they showed unprecedented and unwarranted love towards me. May God send their helpers to them before their point of need. Thank God for faith in the human race. These ladies helped me further understand what it means to have God’s favor. But it’s going to be one of those I wanna give a shout out to posts. Lol.



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  1. :). It gets busier as the date draws closer. Amen to your prayers for Bee and her friend.


  2. Awww Amen!! If we all give a little blessing here and there, the world would be a wayyyyyy cooler place 🙂


  3. Sorry hun ….I know it’s difficult esp when you have a busy life, but you seem to be putting less and less thought into the random acts of kindness 😀 .. most of what you describe is just everyday stuff and once you repeat it more than once it is no longer random . So N100 credit to house keeper today and N200 to same housekeeper tomorrow isn’t random . Spice it up a little xxxx


    • My dear uranon, its not everyday stuff. It depends on whether or not I leave my house. My goal is simply to give someone something that will put a smile of their face. Its not neccessarily about a big gesture. So sorry if you dont feel its random, I do encourage you to try it also. Its quite fulfilling irrespective of how repetitive the act may seem.


  4. Oh the gift for your friend to cheer her up was more like it!


  5. Even when we’re long gone from some scenes, the footprints we left behind are never forgotten.


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