Oddly Timed Decisions

So I have been pondering over the last 3 months about going natural and abandoning texturisers completely.  I stopped relaxing my hair about  January 2013 due to a heavy fall out literally- bald patches on half of my head due to the relaxer not being washed out thoroughly.  I was pulling clumps of hair from my head.
Anyways move forward to March I decided to swing along to texturisers and I have been texturising bimonthly ever since then. Put simply my previous bald patches are almost the same length as the rest of my hear less than 2 years later. My hair is Armpit length, stating the obvious,  my hair grows very well, but length retention was a significant challenge. So I have began doing something I hate- protein treatments to strengthen the hair every 3 or so weeks.
Irony of all this, I am mixed, so I have loser curls than the average black person and my hair simply likes moisture but I think I had gotten it in my head I needed some sort of straightener in my hair. And now I am challenging myself to do better and manage my 3 different hair textures.

Now the real koko of the matter, my wedding proper is in 2 months and every hair style needs to require straightness. I already did the natural bride search on instagram dont worry they all have kinky hair. So no beunas. I found this but she has much larger curls than I do. Maybe I’ll just let the hair be straightened for that day cos truly I have no idea on how the hell to do this.


On to more significant things accountability time.
Sunday my random act of kindness was helping my mother in Law prepare lunch for my folks. I dunno if this counts. Lol
Monday I sent my housekeeper to the market and I gave her N200 to buy credit. Also gave her a book ,Nanny returns.
Sometimes we start things with good intentions but its hard to keep that committment. I am going to keep trying though.



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