Day 7 accountability

Currently watching Oprah’s master class after having grilled pepper chicken made by thr husband. Its a good sunday. Meeting up with the folks later to trash out this wedding matter. Anyways today is day 7 of random acts of kindness.
On Friday it was my husbands birthday – we are legally married, ceremonies are in October though. So I hosted, he asked for it last minute and we made it happen. Thank God. Gave out the bulk of the food to all who asked.
Saturday went to pick up my cargo from NY, husband’s gift was in it. It arrived late. But better late than never. Met an older woman there, she was suprised at how familiar the shippers were with me. We got talking so she told me she wanted to get a computer from the states, so I told her how to go about it.
Gotten the stuff for my aso ebi minus the lace. Packed the bags already hoping to get lace this week.
It was also my sis in laws birthday, gave her a small bottle of perfume for it. I dont know what my random act of kindness for today is going to be. I really dont feel like leaving the house this here today sunday.
I am still Watching master class on TLC and something resonates with me – “make your life a class” -live according to your belief system and stay true. We all have things to learn from one another and there is no such thing as perfection, its about owning your life and making the best of it.

I find that I can finish 500 page books in about 5 hours, but I hate reading books on my kindle or ipad. Maybe I’ll just go back to reading regular books. My favourite place in the world is the bookstore – barnes and noble, kinukoniya, etc. I am suprised I still havent written a book yet. Lol. I finally read Americanah by Chimamanda. I think I am going back to reading physical books this e-books business is for the birds.

I need to watch less African Magic Yoruba. Lol. Folks never believe I am mixed race again. Lol. In all my “yellow” glory, my yoruba is topnotch thanks to tv. Check out this movie below, I cant find the words for it




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  1. Reading ebooks feels like work. Nothing beats smelling a hard copy book and flipping through the pages. So refreshing.


    • I think I am addicted to books. I always feel the need to buy a book when I walk past a bookstore. Lol.


      • Same…My only problem about books is keeping tab on who borrows them. Post some good reads if you have any. Always looking to expand my collection. My focus is on African literature though.


        • I cant read the same book twice, so I tend to give them out these days. After getting a $3000 bill when I wanted to ship books, I let them go unless they are gifts.


        • I like women authors and human stories. Put simply I know way too much about human trafficking, culturally opressed women, triumphant women etc. I dont know where thaf puts me as a reader.


  2. Hallos! Gone through your posts. I like! Happy planning. I hope you have a great wedding. And don’t assume nobody reads your blog…. 🙂


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