Accountability time – Day 4

So this random acts of kidness started on Sunday and i am totally proud of mysql. Lol. I am not yelling I am awesome yet. Its day four and i am trying to remember what i gave out, and its a bit challenging. I mean what i gave out with conscious effort, not the basic politeness. Maybe i should take pictures, but then they say don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. I am going to post anyway, maybe it will motivate someone that reads into doing the same.

My 100 days of random giving started out on sunday 17 August.
Sunday – N4k to a domectiv violence survivor on SDK’s blog. I read her story and i realized how extremely lucky i am to have the husband i have. A man who sees my happiness as his responsibility even when he married me at my lowest financial point in my adult life. put simply some days i don’t have N10,000.00 in my account when there were times i had over $100,000.00. There is a season for everything. Maybe i will discuss my rise and fall thanks to the stock markets and other economic downturn one day.

monday – I bought a lego gift from the lego store for one of my nephews for his 8 birthday. He was loving it. I know i wasn’t supposed to give to family, but i don’t think i can give to outsiders without loving the home first.

Tuesday – i bought a phone for my mom’s house help. Its a techno small dual sim phone. according to the seller “aunty it can browse”. So maybe little homie (he is about 15) will be chilling on Facebook when he isn’t working. lol.

Wednesday – My darling husband’s birthday is on friday. i Have begged and cajoled him as to what to buy him for his birthday and he keeps announcing that we are broke so not to buy him anything. I ordered a pair of shoes for his boat feet ( i still don’t understand how a man that is 5ft 9 inches tall has size 13 US feet). i don’t get. Anyways i went to moshalashi in lagos island today to help my mom decide on her asoebi for my traditional wedding, and i got this lightbulb to buy my hubby slippers. He needs new black ones badly. I bought some for N2,500.00 from manilas sha. Lagos is like is mine – sometimes you find really lovely things for good prices.

As for TMS, things are a bit stalled right now, waiting for CAC to give me my documents and still trying to fundraise for the school. Its ironic how i have been shouting i have no money right. I sat down and calculated how much i have spent on the school and i dare to say i could have bought a tear rubber toyota corolla at a minimum latest edition self. And i am still looking for more money to buy outdoor swings etc. Its true as they say that when you love what it is you are doing or intending to do, it doesn’t seem like work. My primary worry is securing a location and i know God has me sorted.

I saw ticket prices to travel to New York in October from Lagos (economy), evil spirits don’t want me to go oh. lol. I just need to go for the fitting for my wedding dress. The longer i stare at the expenses for the wedding, the more i keep asking myself if we need a wedding since we have done the registry over a month ago now and we already live together. God help us.



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  1. I don’t subscribe to not sharing when you give. I think it motivates others to join in giving. Especially in a place like naija where charity/volunteer work isn’t common.

    So i’ll catch on to your giving bug and give you something. Education is important to me, and I love when pple merge their passion and their careers esp when it benefits naija youth. Perhaps you can list a couple of items that are pending for your school and i’ll make 1 or 2 or 3 of them happen. If the list is too long, maybe you can post your account info here today (you can take it off after a day) and i’ll just send a monetary donation. This way i’ll remain anonymous (hehehehe)

    Happy Wednesday. I told you givers never lack.


    • Bee thanks for your kind words. May you aslo be met at your point of need Amen. I would rather not collect money, I am planning a wedding, dont want to be tempted to divert funds. Its mostlt outdoor toys I need, like tricycles, wagons, toddler swings etc. They dont have to be brand new, they can be fairly used since I can clean them down with bleach and water.
      Once again thanks a lot.


      • They sure don’t make em like you anymore. Someone who actually turns down money. lol. I’ll def drop my child off at your school.

        Will get back to you on the items. Need sometime to get em together. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks.


        • Lol. Bee thanks. I am just trying to make sure I live life in an accountable way. Dont get me wrong like most human beings I am sure I could do with more money, but I need to make sure I address the school need. So getting the actual equipment will eliminate that.


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