100 days of randomness

So I just got done taking a pretty late in the day bath. I always wanted to take the 100 days of happiness challenge. But somehow I have really never committed to doing it. I have a different challenge that came to me while I was taking the said bath. 100 days of random acts of kindness.  My goal is to give away something everyday no matter how small or random. On days I dont leave my house, the recipient will likely be my husband or I’ll double up on it the next day. Not to sure yet what I am going to accomplish or how I am going to document it and if I am going to at all. Today is 17th August and I have decided to start today with a cash gift for a woman I have never met who happens to be a victim of domestic violence. I read her story on SDK’s blog.  I know there are scammers everywhere, but I have come to the conclusion I wont let fear guide my decisions because it can be a hinderance from doing right. I would rather be scammed than hold on to all I have been blessed with and watch another suffer. So for today it will be the domestic violence vitctim.

Many times we lose sight of what is important to us and we discount all that God has provided us with. Instead we dwell heavily on the things we believe he hasnt provided us with. I want to learn to be more thankful, more thoughtful and more giving. Giving is also very therapeutic.  So there we go with the 100 day program.



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  1. This is awesome…..givers never lack.

    Remember to be creative with it. GIve funds, old clothes, advice, encourageent, love, food, smile, recharge card, prayer. Mix it up so you don’t stretch yourself thin in 1 area. good luck


    • Thanks a lot Bee. I am working on giving different things. But it also has to be something tangible for the end user if you catch my drift. In Nigeria it tends to almost be an actual gift. Thanks for posting comments, i appreciate you reading my blog.


  2. Oh wow, May God bless your pcokets then 🙂

    I enjoy your blog, its a breath of fresh air.


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