Frustrated Parents

Oh my days.  I am currently at the dentist and this woman is hitting her child and telling her to open her mouth. The girl is possibly about 8 or 9. My point is this, despite all the yelling and hitting Nigerians do, we are still collectively a very very messed up society. So is yelling and hitting truly effective? I will leave you to decipher that on your own.
So this mother is busy yelling about how she had to leave work to bring this poor child to the dentist. I am thinking you bore this child basicallu of your own free will, so why is she acting like she is doing the little girl a favor bringing her to the dentist? I dont have any children,  but the more I see Nigerian parents, thr more I shake my head. My mom got frustrated with us ocassionally as kids, but I dont remember any public beat downs or humiliating experiences. Maybe because she is not Nigerian. I mean beating,  hitting is the child a goat? Cant we excercise patience? It just makes you wonder. Its all good, waiting to get my teeth checked and cleaned, its been over a year and they are looking brownish. Uggh.



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  1. Hmmm, tis a thin line. A thin line between spanking a kid and reprimanding a kid….


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