S4 Drama – Samsung/ Etisalat

So i don’t even know who to blame or what to blame at this point. Either there service provider or the phone manufacturer. So at about 2am 2 nights ago my phone gave me the no sim message while my sim was obviously in the phone. typical me, i am trying not to wake the husband while replacing the etisalat sim in the phone about 5 times. I decided to take it up a notch and decided to google on my iPad, that was how i realized that the S4 has some sim card drama error business. i Started reading up on hard resets and i figured ok why not perform one. well pretty much i lost most of my pictures, and all my music which i didn’t realize i hadn’t backed up. Ended up being an actual problem with the sim card. went to etisalat the next morning and got it replaced. Oh well. onto other things.

My mother has been indecisive about fabric for the wedding and i am issuing threats because she makes a decision and my father suggests something else and she goes back to what he says. I give up on that. i pretty much have sorted the bulk of my own aso ebi drama. about 75% of the bills paid.

1004 has to be one of the worst estates to live in. thank God i finally moved out and i officially live in the husbands house. Everyone keeps asking how is married life and i am like hen its pretty uneventful. My spouse is peaceful, and we both know better than to fight as it accomplishes very little.

TMS is slow to come, haven’t felt too great about that, but what can one do but wait on the Lord? i didn’t create myself and i am sure he who did has grander designs for my life than i possibly could for myself… so i will continue to attempt to be patient.

Words of wisdom of the day. Sometimes i think i am a bit wise.

“Never let your mouth run faster than your brain can process” – there are a few people who irritate me the moment they open their mouths like you almost know that nothing good is going to come out from their mouth.

Considering offering freebies on the site, but i don’t even think anyone reads it. lol.



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  1. Forgive my ignorance, biko what is TMS?


  2. “Be slow to speak but, quick to hear.”


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