Been a Minute

So So life has been on and ticking. It was my 32d birthday and frankly it was one of the best ones. I somehow have come to like my birthdays as i get older. Made the biggest commitment of my life thus far. And it felt absolutely good and real sure.

Also my Robot is awesome. He is my big teddy bear who more than returns my love. Lol ok my love is dodgy but he loves me irrespective. I am at a very happy point in my life and i am extremely grateful. Things aren’t perfect, but he and his family, my newfound family managed to make my day awesome. I can’t complain in the least. I married well, a man with an awesome family.

This was one of my cakes, its one of the ones we are considering for our 60 guest destination wedding – 20140620_114643_resized

On to other things, my birthday gifts were exactly what i wanted. Times are a bit challenging, so i wanted my car serviced and some silk fabric, i got that and a whole lot more. I got that gym membership. Thanks to Robot, Le Hubby.

Enough about that. I find that the older i get, the more reserved i get. I pretend not to know stuff and i just let people assume i am stupid. Lol. And i am not sure if its laziness or the need to guard my family with a passion. Not so sure. Anyways the wedding dates have been finalized. I am still as determined to spend as little as possible. Thats just me as i don’t feel it has any bearing on the quality of my marriage. I find myself avoiding some people who i don’t believe are genuinely happy for me. Some others are confused as to how the silent me managed to get a husband. Lol. Watch out now. Several people have already told me they can’t make the wedding, thats without me even telling them the date. And to be honest with you, i am very ok with it. I want a very small formal and can’t be arced. I don’t even want a bridal train. But my darling Kix has volunteered herself as my maid of honor. lol. I reckon i can’t say no.

Anyways this week is looking like a week filled with work and more moving which i have been doing forever. Need to sort out a few things and move completely to Robots place. In the Joy of moving, i found i could probably open a store with some of my supply. 20140624_134344_resized

I saw this on the menu at my have chinese restaurant in Lagos. I didn’t know seafood did other things than swim though?

The registration for the school is moving at an absolute snails pace. I guess i can’t win all at the same time. The timeline for opening keeps pushing out further. God be my help.



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  1. “Swimming seafood” = “Fresh fish sold here”


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