Does Size Really Matter

So i was doing the usual gbeborun on instagram. IMHO thats one of the great things about instagram. In a bid to show others what they are working with, people put up different pictures about parts of their lives. Now whether make believe or fiction or reality, its not for me to judge. A post sparked my curiosity after reading the comments. Does the size of a ring matter? And if yes how big should it be? Are millenials obsessed with the wrong set of material things? And are people with big rings even getting real rings? The first picture is the ring that sparked or rather exposed the shallowness of some folks. Now this ring in actuality probably cost $300. I say this because i know a bit about diamonds. Does this in anyway have any bearing on a woman’s ability to say yes to the proposal? As far as i am concerned, the proposal ring is a bonus factor, it has no bearing on the people that intend to get married. Some people can afford larger rings, but would rather dedicate their resources elsewhere, while there are some people who don’t know about diamonds and could care less.

wpid-2014-06-11-13.06.42.png.png Now to say the least this other ring below is a 1.5 carat white diamond at $5000 retail with a worth of say $8,000. the bottom one is a lot flashier, however its not for everyone.

I got a ring larger and more expensive than the one above and i have not posted any pictures of it on instagram or any social media mostly because of paranoia. Its a very lovely ring my hubby took time to build himself for me. I don’t want to lose it either. In my opinion whatever a man seees fit to give a woman during his proposal to her, as far as he has done it honorably i don’t see what the issue is.

Also to speak frankly the ring size has no bearing on the quality of the relationship. there are many people walking around with cubic zirconia rings, truth is many people can’t even tell the difference. so unless you are truly a diamond aficionado, whats the fuss? Even i am an antique diamond collector and i never for one day dictated the type of ring i wanted.

And on that note i found the image below also on instagram. Love to love it. lol. its definitely how i feel about some people.  Had to let go of a domestic staff today for several reasons, and i know i made the right decision. I never want to be the boss that lacks empathy.




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  1. Definitely, the size does matter; only the worth of the size is determined by you.


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