Hyper Consumption/ Expensive Lifestyle

SO i have been vendor shopping literally, and the prices for most of the items for the wedding which i have priced are exorbitant. i Am talking about things being quoted at 10 time markup for what it would cost me to do it for myself. And i began wondering if i was expected to bargain the prices or just pay them. In Nigeria i understand that folks expect you to bargain all that you purchase, but seriously with prices that high, it comes as no surprise that newly wedded couples who have averagely nice weddings tend to struggle with beginning their lives.

I don’t consider myself an expensive lifestyle person. Ok, theres one activity i can spend all my money on. Its antique diamond and jewelry shopping. But i avoid places that tend to sell them because i understand its effect on my life. Very damaging if i may confess. That’s well beyond the point though. so back to my train of thought. Are we millennials just extravagant people?

I was reading on Bella Naija where a British woman worked 3 jobs so her 15 year old daughter could wear designer items. Now i can understand a child like this ending up as a hyper and destructive consumer. I personally didn’t grow up in an environment where value was placed on material things. So i am a bit unsure where some of my tastes come from. Maybe i am plain ol’ cheap when it comes to everything else. Don’t get me wrong i ooh and aaah over the occasional handbag, but i am not an “it has to be Chanel or nothing” type.

It has been said “learning that wealth doesn’t equal hyper consumption. Wealth is what you accumulate, not what you spend”.

Anyways that aside, June is my month. my special day is coming up. i will be 32 in 10 days. And somehow i have a feeling its going to be an especially awesome birthday. After years of emotional turmoil and restlessness, i am growing more and more. Two years ago this time i was a major emotional wreck. I am making no apologies for the woman i am or the one i aspire to be. I am extremely grateful and i feel beyond blessed for the awesome people God has placed in my life. Oddly enough i don’t want anything for my birthday, well maybe just credit for my data plan and money to pay my tailor(n10K). otherwise i feel i have all i need.

on that note





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