Anything Goes

Ok its been a minute since i have said anything. Whoever lied and said planning weddings are fun lied. Planning a wedding is the most annoying thing i have done in a long time. While i love Robot to pieces, i am not remotely obsessed about the wedding. If anything i am irritable at the random prices folks seem to throw out once they hear wedding. A planner here in Lagos Nigeria price quoted without even getting a feel for the tripe of decor i wanted for the traditional ceremony. The price she quoted is the cost of my formal in Zanzibar. I really can’t deal with these people. Nigerians are just selfish opportunists. Almost like no one thinks about anything but a quick buck. Maybe i am a marriage grinch.

On to other things i am on a diet. As much as i hate the word diet, i needed it. I have hit 69KG and i feel like a beluga whale. I have barely worked out this year. Ironic the year i am getting married is the year i fall off the band wagon. I need more than help. It doesn’t make sense.

I am considering going natural with my hair, given that  it is actually growing, but length retention remains a problem. it feels stuck n the same length since 2013 and my bald spots are about 9 inches long. i grew 9 inches in a year and 5 months, so where is the 9 inches at the end of my hair? something has got to give man.


TMS is coming along somehow. I am excited its my birthday month, i am also celebrating my birthday with a bang this year. I hatched up a special plan but i also think i might be on to someones surprise for me. Yup.




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