So yours truly went to 2 weddings on saturday. I pride myself on not being one of those people that go to weddings everg weekend or buying aso ebi every weekend. It gets exhausting when you think about the effort that goes into planning these one day events.
Maybe because I am planning one, I seemed to be paying extra attention to detail and costing the weddings mentally. For both brides, in my lowest estimates they spent possibly about n5 million each. I would say ome spent closer to n7million because she had champagne and alcohol but it wasnt even top grade.
I am interviewing decorators for my traditional wedding in october and one of them priced out at n2.5million I wanted to laugh in her face. No lie I did laugh. Thats the cost of a formal for 60 people in a beautiful resort in zanzibar plus food for guests.
It now begs the question of what we are about in Nigeria. These expensive weddings you get there and they feel average. Given the money spent, its like nothing fancy came out of it. I dont understand.
As for me I have a budget for the traditional and if it exceeds that,  then I am happy not having the event. Afterall is one single day that has absolutely no bearing on the course of my marriage.


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