I had a dream

Not the MLK kind of dream. Well.two dreams.

One dream I was in Chicago eating on a bench with my brothers and a few folks. And my older brother kept trying to tell me to hide the diamond part of my ring by turning it inside to my palm. And next thing I heard up the street eas a thug yelling hey you with the shiny ring let me have it. I got up from the sidewalk, and I swallowed my ring. thr thug shot at me and it barely missed me and ricocheted off something. I ran into the beauty shop next door and somehow the hairdresser knew the thug was a midget who couldnt see over the partition in her shop. So she told me to duck down and pulled out jer boxing gloves. Somehow she beat the dude to pulp and left his body in the middle of the road.  No one picked him up for days.

Prior to that I was in Miami I believe, where I bought Robot and I a boat. Without his permission. Lol. I was shopping for the boat in my red bikini. So I bought all the mats for the boat in red and transparent chairs for other parts of the boat. Somehow I opted yo go diving. When I was done diving, I realised it was getting late. I needed to go back to the hotel so I could dress up and go pick up the boat and finalise the suprise fot Robot. Even in my dream I used him money to surpise him. Lol. So I was walkiny in the wrong direction when I saw my one of my younger brothers who told me to quickly backtrack because the area I was heading into was the wrong way and dangerous. Lol.

This dream was one night and I dont dream.



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  1. Hahahaha. The power of the mind.


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