Words and Sight

Words are way more powerful than we can possibly realise. In these generations x and y everyone believes they have something to say whether or not it makes sense or is helpful or harmful.

Nigeria in particular can be a very toxic environment given many people’s need to be validated. Many people dont even understand why they want to be famous, they just want to be. Which explains the need to post absolutely every detail about their lives on social media. Thanks to the myraid of platforms, there is no shortage of where to plaster the information.

I was talking to a friend who was re-telling the demise of a young woman who all she did prior to marriage was brag about the person she was to marry. It was bad enough apparently that you didnt need to have a conversation with her to get the details on her life. Anyways the moment she went underground, folks realised something was off. Her marriage was over in less than a year. Things fell apart.

I am not saying to lead a secretive life in anyway,  I am simply asking must everyone know about your life without asking you?

Next are the ones who simply sit and talk about others.  I have been a first hand victim of this. I guess you can peg it to envy or a lack of self worth on the persons part. Many times people are not about anything and will go out of their way to ensure you will be able to spend time with them in their misery. Different folks have different experiences, mamy things arent what they seem.

With age I have become more discerning, a lot less verbal in terms of my opinion, generally let others do the talking and if I do talk it’s not about issues of importance.  Except with folks that are stakeholders in my life.



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