A lot has happened since my last post. Yours truly got engaged on the 2nd of May and I couldnt have asked for a more fantastic partner. Notice I never say perfect.  Robot popped the question, well not quite, see my proposal cake below. No worries thats not my real ring. I wont post that as I dont feel like getting robbed or having my privacy invaded. Lol.


So this implies a few things. There is a wedding to be planned full throttle and I am feeling like a nervous wreck anticipating the planning. I do not like planning anything. This compounded with the planning of the school which I already dont seem to mind will be something. I think the registry part will be just fine. As for all else I ask for God.
I have been reading on blogs about folks saying they wont date people who havent schooled abroad or outside of Nigeria. I am of the said opinion because of the issue of shared valye systems and the socialisation process. I have an jamaican-american mother and a nigerian father. First of my reality is different I went to school in Nigeria till I was 16, and then went to America and then went to work in the middle east. I have tried to date fully Nigerian people who socialised fully and went to Nigerian universities, mindsets differ a lot. I met Robot and we hit it off because we could discuss along similar lines we have similar experiences and backgrounds.

Did I also say he thinks my cooking is fantastic? When I make my curry with mangoes in it, he never complains. He loves my version of coconit rice etc. So no complaints from me.

Love isnt everything but expectations and outlook are important. Value systems are also dependent on ones socialisation process. And when these things are present it makes things all the harder.

The bring back our girls campaign is further showing the world what Nigeria is made of. Which is very little. You know how Americans talk about the American spirit, American dream etc, the , Nigerian equivalent is? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the best word is  unaccountable.


People keep forgetting that for every child that gets left behind, they are a threat to your own childs existence. So folks should keep looting, stealing and pilfering.  When the poor have nothing to eat, they will eat the rich.



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  1. Congratulations!! Happy planning


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