I am back

Been etremely lax about blogging. Not quite sure why.  My mind has been extremely busy with the things I need to do. I slept for 24hours straight when I got back. Even I cant top that. Needed the rest. Glad all that running around is done and over. Had a lot of special moments with the fam. A few eye openers about a few people.
Do you ever feel you are out growing friendships? I am really beginning to believe I am. I am less tolerant of many people and I feel they just dont understand. On the other hand I feel I may be the issue. I have pretty much gotten defensive about TMS yes its my baby.i have also reached the point where I have silently noted the people who have put down my plan or those who have benefitted from me significantly in the past who told me point blank they have no contributions for me. I learnt a lot in the last 4 months. The people I expected to be the least supportive have been the most supportive. People who have been in my life for the shortest period of time. It has gotten so bad that I have told myself I dont want a bridal train because I am questioning the worth of several friendships. At the end of the day, it is what it is. Between me myself and God.
Onto other things, when folks who ought to be close to you simply sit around and badmouth you simply out of envy and you keep forgiving them. Not because you are stupid but because you let things go in order not to create bigger problems. I just watch and laugh at these folks. No one is all knowing, talk about me till your lips fall off. When they fall off, you will only watch my success and victories with that lipless mouth hanging wide open. Lol. Thats all I will say on that note. My battles have already been fought for me.
I am extremely grateful to those who supported me and understood my last 3 weeks of pure madness. Whoever said starting a business was a great thing lied. Its extremely stressful at best and the rewards will come much much later. At this point I am ready to open up but I still got a few major things to tackle.  I am glad I was able to get to the states because I furnished TMS for about half of what I expected.  I plan on sitting down to reconcile my numbers before the week runs out. Accountability is one of my biggest things.


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  1. Wow!! opening a school is no joke. Then opening a school in naija is an even bigger task.

    Glad you have people in your corner to encourage you. If it feels good in your heart, it’s the right thing to do. With your writing on this blog, you could definitely help to pass on some words of wisdom to our misguided children.

    I’m so risk averse, I run from anything considered risky (forget i’m in finance and it’s clear high risk=high rewards). Maybe one day i’ll eventually get the courage follow my heart.

    Good luck with your school


  2. You sound a whole lot like my friend. Her school will be a year old in September and I remember the sleepless nights, incessant borrowing(lol) and lost friendships. I was just talking with her today and I can’t believe how far she’s come. Almost makes me feel like I’ve been wasting my life.
    I’m sure a year from now you won’t believe how far you’ve come either. The Lord is your muscle!


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