Which way forward Nigeria? Are Nigerians so greedy and self centered that no one thinks of the next person? From the common man on the street to the people in power who continue to rape and pilfer the country. Nigeria truly doesn’t have a soul. I watched the men who built America and you realise that nigeria can’t even be compared to 19th century America on the scale of industrialisation,  or even economic development.

For every time the petroleum minister is accused of wrong doing, lines for petrol grow. is one individual more powerful than the state or the remaining 174 million Nigerians? The saddest part is that folks worship these same thieves who steal from them and take the monies to other countries that gladly utilise the funds in building their own infrastructure.  Some retired coons who are still lunatics want to create cable cars in lagos. Because of how much money they have previously pilfered from the state and their trips to Europe, these idiots cannot understand that cable cars are not feasible in nigeria a country which cannot even boast of consistent power for 3 hrs straight daily. And please let’s not talk about the shit called privatisation. Because the transmission companies are still in the hands of government.
This morning the court that was busy sleeping, waited till all Nigerian virtually about 95% replaced their license plates with the new ones to declare them illegal. They made folks spend over n30,000 each to reach this conclusion. Why wasn’t a temporary injunction placed on the frsc to stop issuing plates till it was resolved?


I have simply concluded, dialogue isn’t the way forward. What was done in Ghana a few years back needs to take place in Nigeria. Simple and short.



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