Was gone for a bit, dont know where I went. But I am back for now. A few things on my mind.

Went to Harvesters international Christian Centre today on the invitation of Snika aka my spiritual advisor in terms of many things Jesus and faith. Anyways Myles Monroe was the guest speaker of the day. The sermon he gave hit the spot – he pretty much spoke about men having it wrong by thinking they are the head of the household when they are indeed the foundation or cornerstone.  And he nullified the garbage saying that “being every successful man there is a woman”. Yep.  Pretty much it’s a man’s job to protect, provide for and teach his woman, not remotely in the condescending way obviously.  And he stated if you are ashamed of your wife, it speaks volumes about you as a man. I know a few men in this category. The general overtone was marriage. Given the state of this institution one wonders if it’s even worth venturing into sometimes.

After the service Snika asked for my thoughts and I said it was ok. Yes the message resonated but I think I am devoid of the emotion called excitement. I have never been starstruck in my life, neither do I seem to get really excited and I have met some pretty important people in my life. Especially in the war zones. But I think I need to start practicing my excitement look, because even Robot has mentioned it. I cry from time to time, so I don’t think I am fully emotionally handicapped.

Then again I have seen people die, borne witness to many unhappy circumstances etc. The things that might excite me at this point,
A brand new Land cruiser – limited edition. This car makes me a giant on the road, yes I am a road bully.
The entire funding for TMS with all the necessary lands and licenses in place.
Then another one is probably a will you marry me proposal but I doubt I will be jumping in my seat or wailing like a moron.
I don’t know what is guaranteed to excite me, I think it’s shameful. I get really happy when I get cake though.

I was supposed to blog about my post 30 bucket list, but I can’t be bothered.

Robot tried to kill me today. He gave me skittles and they had cherry.  I should have pretended to die and see if he would have cried. I know I am evil. He didn’t do it intentionally he forgot. Lol.

I got my hair did. Yup. Ghana weaving. See below. Someone hates it, but I kinda sorta like it. Since I can retire my combs for 2 to 3 weeks.




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  1. “Given the state of this institution one wonders if it’s even worth…” Logically, tis not. Tis simply a ‘difficult’ institution, however, if one chooses to make it beautiful, one can consciously (and painstakingly, i daresay) do it.

    The journey may seem ‘rough’ but, eventually tis very much worth it.

    The key is one will need to build it in the positive way consciously, a good marriage does not happen by accident.


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